November 1, 2009

Well, a few changes have taken place.

*This is Aami in her "borrowed" khimar in our salon in Ajman. She was so sweet masha'allah, saying "Allah, Allah" and wiping her face as if making dua.*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I am back in Knoxville now alhamdulillah. I had started having some problems with my transplant and needed some medical attention. It would have been prohibitively expensive in UAE so the decision was made for me to come back to the US where I am fortunate enough to have health insurance.

Of course I am very sad to be apart from my husband AGAIN. :-( Our plan was to remain together in UAE until his immigration papers were processed. Now of course we have had to make some changes. I will remain here until he comes to join me. I do not fly well; I get very motion sick plus the expense of the flight itself and the upheaval international travel caused in Aami's life.

Please make du'a for my family that Allah swt reunites us quickly and blesses our provisions so we might start our life together. Please pray that Allah strengthens me in my purpose and keeps me from the sadness that threatens to overwhelm me. Pray that He helps me be a better mother, more patient and kind even when I feel the weight of being a single mother the most.

Insha'allah if our finances permit I will travel back to Ajman to see my husband in a few months if it seems our application is being processed more slowly than we anticipated. I am NOT looking forward to flying again. I'm not afraid but my motion sickness was so severe this time; I actually vomited all over myself on the flight back to the US. It was embarassing, disgusting, a little funny, and oh so uncomfortable. I had to undress in the tiny airplane bathroom, wash my abaya and khimar off in the sink and wring it out best I could. So I wore wet, stinky clothes until I arrived home about 12 hours later. Alhamdulillah.

I was very happy to be home, to see my family and friends, to be in familiar surroundings. However I would trade it all to be by my husband's side, where I belong. Ya Allah please hear our du'at and fulfill our desire to be together, growing in our deen and love. Amin.

Insha'Allah I intend to start my blog up again; I was understandably saddened by my abrupt departure, and of course feeling bad due to my health issues. I am alhamdulillah finally getting settled again and will insha'Allah have the time to sit down and blog again.

Jazakallahu khair for all of your prayers and thanks for your patience!

Ma salaama.