September 18, 2009

UAE, here I come!

*I know the photo has no relevance; she was just too precious picking up little leaves and nuts and handing them to me. Masha'allah what a sweetie!

A'salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. OK ok enough of the niceties... I am going to UAE!!!! I am so happy, I feel like I could just float on air!

Ticket bought. Travel date: September 27th. Yep, that is right, the 27th. As in 10 days from now. Oh the plans to make, the clothes to pack, the toilets to scrub! Not as random as it sounds; toilets get really grungy when they are left unflushed for a while so I wanna be sure they are sparklin' when I leave.

So 10 days left to prepare. Well really 9 because the day I leave doesn't count. Oh and Sunday is the Eid so now we are at 8. Count that I still need to work... lol OK, ok, never mind. :-) You get the picture. Basically a week and a half.

Some of you may be thinking, why did you wait until the last minute? Guys, I just work better under pressure masha'allah. Always have, always will. I tried to take care of some things earlier but really most of it is last minute by virtue of needing to use my stuff before I leave.

I can't pack our personal belongings until it is almost time. However I have started packing my clothing, some abayas, Western style clothes, a mish-mosh really. I am also making a list of what I am bringing so I can peruse the list to make sure I don't bring 7 shirts and 1 skirt. LOL That would be odd.

Also I just enjoy making lists! Planning and listing... ah. On paper everything is easy to make perfect. ;-)

OK so back to what is making my little heart pitter-patter: Abdullah, zawjy!!! Words cannot describe how happy I am to be finally going to him. It is just amazing to me and I am thankful to Allah swt for granting me this desire.

I prayed sooo intently and sincerely during Ramadan, only to be united with my husband and for us to have a halal, happy life. Growing together in our Islam, raising our children to be pious muslimeen insha'Allah... We can plan but Allah is the best of planners. We can pray but Allah knows the right time to grant what we seek. Subhanallah.

I am also packing little odds and ends I think will come in handy. Like scissors, over the door hangers to extend storage space, some random fabric I want made into dresses for Aaminah. I'll also be adding some kitchen things that I just can't cook without. My wire whisk and silicone scraper are two of them. Insha'Allah I'll have room for everything I need to take.

My husband bought a separate ticket for Aami, alhamdulillah. I would never have asked for it but he offered and I agreed it would be better. I am just happy I don't have to hold her for 14 CONTINUOUS HOURS. lol That would be rough!

I am very exhausted masha'Allah and need to go to bed. My eyes are blurring and my head feels heavy.

Please make dua for us, insha'allah.


Umm Aaminah

*PS: I re-read this post a few days later and was APPALLED by the number of typos. Letters transposed or omitted... subhanallah! I am a very careful proofreader because I don't like errors like that. IF anyone read this post and noticed the mistakes, I hope it didn't annoy you as it did me!!! LOL

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