October 13, 2009

Some of the things I miss

*Obviously this is NOT #1 but...those who know me know my love for a good cheeseburger!*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! This is a pic I took of an end-of-Ramadan iftar I had at home with Aaminah, Lisa and Aliyah. Homemade cheeseburgers (YUM)on bakery rolls with tomato, onion, lettuce, chipotle cheddar cheese, and mayo. (No tomatoes or onions for Lisa, I must point out!) Also an AWESOME salad that was better than the cheeseburger... almost! Butter lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomato, swiss cheese cubes, pecans, dried cranberries, avocadoes and Green Goddess dressing. OMG. YUM.

So I miss the food in the US although the food here is good it's not the same. I miss my friends and family and Muslim community. I miss Aaminah being able to spend time with her brothers and Mamaw and Aunt Janet and all of her Muslim family too! Really there are too many to name! ;-)

I miss driving. I can drive here but I don't like it. I miss the fall. This will be the first year of my LIFE I haven't had a season change from summer. Dang. Sucks. 'Nough said. :-)

I miss knowing how to DO things. Like how to get meat at the grocery counter, how to talk to anyone, how to behave in any given situation.

Alhamdulillah things are NOT bad here. I just miss certain things.

I miss cooking in MY kitchen where I know where everything is.

I miss having a bathtub just right for Aaminah to take her fun little splash time in. We have a bathtub here, it's nice, just a weird configuration from what we are used to.

I miss being home. Insha'Allah pray for us that we can come home soon and I can bring my husband to Knoxville. He loves nature and hiking and camping and let me tell you, there ain't alot of it here in UAE! lol

OK just to reiterate, this is NOT a rant, just a little collection of some things I miss.

Ma salaama,

Umm Aaminah

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Ms M said...

It doesn't matter where we are, does it...there are always things we can think of wistfully and wish to experience a bit more. So long as you aren't longing so hard as to be unhappy. That's the main thing. ;)