December 13, 2010

Cute little sock-rice warmer

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I threw this little thing together this morning after I got Aaminah's lunch ready
. I hate to use a thermos container for warm food because it doesn't fit in her lunch sack. Which, as I got it sooo cheap at a yard sale, I really want to make use of it! lol

Anyway I heated her food up and then put it in the bottom insulated compartment. Then I was searching for a little freezer pack to place with her fruit and yogurt. I noticed one of our infamous "rice socks" in the freezer. They are great for aches and pains. They can be frozen for cold, microwaved for heat, and mold to any shape practically.

I thought, hmm maybe I can heat it up and place it in her lunch sack with the noodles and keep them warm? So I rummaged through her drawer and found a pair of leg warmers (only .99 on clearance) and just quickly zipped a little hemmed edge on, filled with rice, and then did the other end.

It's really cute, super-frugal and useful. As I said, it can be used for aches and pains, headaches, sprains, bumps, etc; you can heat it in the microwave for approx. 2 minutes and it emits a lovely warm heat (careful of burns!) if your pain requres heat. I put it in her lunchbox but I don't know how useful it was. Couldn't hurt and it fit nicely around her lunch container. :-)

You could also use a pair of cute, outgrown baby socks and make little hand warmers for cold days or use the sleeves from a small outgrown shirt. Stretchy material is best as it can form to other shapes better but feel free to do what you like.

So to recap: really inexpensive, options are limitless as are uses but some may not be as useful as others. :-) I just wanted to share because it was so easy and uses items we all probably have around our house.

Ma salaama ya'll!


Katia said...

What a cute idea! Rice really? I never knew! With 3 boys you can imagine how much we rely on ice packs (usually some ice in a ziplock)

Mona Z said...

I love it. I'm going to make one, I bet it's cozy.

Angelle said...

Since my dryer sometimes eats socks, I occasionally have an orphan. What a great way to put it to use! Thanks.

HijabiMommy said...

How cute! Great idea! I love the idea of using baby socks as hand warmers!

DD said...

people will think her mum's given her a pair of smelly socks for lunch hehehehehe! you are so creative sis, i wish i could do stuff, make stuff hehe

Umm Aaminah said...

@ Katia: I have 3 boys, I know exactly where you are coming from!

Mona, it's a nice environmentally-friendly way to warm hands in pockets. I also love to heat one up and put it on my head if I have a migraine. For me, the warm moist heat is best.

@ Angelle: You are so technologically advanced! You have an HD dishwasher and a sock-eating dryer. lol

HijabiMommy, Aaminah has realllly big feet for her age and outgrows her socks very fast. Some of them are super cute and I thought, surely I can do something with them? Another idea is to make bean-bags for a tossing game.

DD, I'm not so creative. Some of the women's blogs I see online absolutely floor me! My sis crochets and knits, my mom crochet, knits, paints, does woodwork, etc, and my grandmother crochets, knits, and can sew like a seamstress. I'm the black sheep so to speak! LOL

And yeah, I thought about the smelly sock thing too! lol