September 25, 2010

OK almost done...

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! Hope you like the new layout. I wanted something kinda homey and comforting. To me, nothing is more comfortable than a well-worn quilt. They warm you in the winter and feel cool in the summer. Pieced together by my ancestors, painstaking tiny stitch after stitch. Using the scraps of cloth left over from a flour-cloth towel, an apron made for Aunt Sally, or the bonnet made for the neighbor's new baby.

Each quilt tells a story: poignant, hopeful, determined, joyful, resourceful, dedicated... Just like the women I am from. :-) So I am very happy with my new look. This is actually my first time trying to make my own layout (somewhat). I snagged the background quilt from Shabby Blogs and then I made my li'l photo montage at Fotoflexer. I wanted it bigger and I do want to have a banner (graphic to place my photo box or at least my text in) but insha'allah I'll figure it out eventually.

I did pick my colors for the side bar, text, text size, etc so it is somewhat a "custom" job and I have to say a big thanks to Sr. Mona at Swell Blog Design. Her page gave me the idea to try and play around and not be afraid to have a little fun. :-) It's also where I learned how to get the little icon to pop up on the address bar when my blog address is typed. Don't you love it? :-)

So gimme a little "shout out" if you like it; if you don't... ah just keep it to yourself, cause I don't have the energy to change it! ;-)


Shadia said...

Salam alaykum, I like it! Looks very 'homey' if you can say that. 6 children, quite a handful masha Allah. I've been Muslimah for 12 years myself with 3 little ones. nice to meet you. Allah bless :)

Umm Aaminah said...

Jazaki allahu khair Sis Shadia. :-) 12 years, subhanallah; may Allah bless you and your family!

Well I do have 6 children but my 2 oldest sons live in Knoxville, TN with their father so I only have 4 at home. Still more than enough to keep me busy!!!:-)

Thanks for reading and thanks for becoming a follower!!! :-)

Duchess said...

As salaamu 'alaikum sis, I remember when i first visited your blog and thought it is very "homey" like you are going to whip out cookies fresh from the oven :D so i guess you achieved the look you were going for. It's lovely xxx