September 25, 2010

She's beautiful, she's beautiful, it's true... Masha'allah!!!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I took some really cute pics of Aaminah the other day and just wanted to share them with you guys. If you are one of the "easily bored by pics of other people's children" kinda person, you might wanna just sliiiiiide on past this entry. Oh and btw, I am tweaking/playing with/messing up my blog so bear with me. I know my header is impossible to read right now; I'm workin' on it!!! The last template, while cute, was a little too busy for me plus it took for-ev-er to load. Kinda like how long it's taking me to put up the pictures of my little darling.

She has been crazy to get to ride a pony. Luckily for us, we appear to live in the "small town festival" capital of the WORLD, Hudson, MA. There is always something going on around here (and it usually costs $$$). Anyway we saw the pony, unfortunately named "Little Dude" and she was hooked. Look how happy masha'Allah!

So alhamdulillah I am a horrible Eid photographer. It's always hectic and I think, no worries, just dress up again later. No worries except I never do it and am then stuck with 3 or 4 subpar pics. Anyway this was her beautiful princess dress I bought for Eid-ul-fitr a year ago but didn't wear. I kept it cuz was just too precious masha'allah. She loved it but was happy to put on her pretty Eid play clothes. :-)

What a cheeser! We went out for lunch together at 99 Restaurant. I had to put this one in for the sheer personality she was exuding. :-)

Here's my little punkin's first day of "school". Isn't she looking all big, walking away? :-( I took some really cute photos of her at the school but forgot to take my camera in so they are on my cell phone. Once I figure out what's wrong because I can't load the pics to the web, I'll put them up too.

Hey while we are on the subject of photos, any of my sisters our there good with pho-to-graphy? I am thinking MamaMona and MuslimMama at the very least. :-) I just have a point and shoot Sony 8mp digital camera. I want to know why in the bright light my pics are so washed out. Look at horse shot above for example. If ya'll can tell me why, please share. I think maybe my lens needs cleaned; even looked like I saw a crumb, a CRUMB, in the inner lens. I am mystified as to how it could get there and appear to be happily stuck at that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK ya'll take care, ma salaama!


Mona Z said...

MashaAllah she's adorable! I think the pictures look good, but what do I know? 99% of the pics on my blog are taken with my phone. Nokia n95, pretty decent camera on it, 5 Megapixels. We have a nice digital camera but it's too bulky to carry around everywhere. If you follow UmmTravis' Tea Break Thoughts, she knows about photography, Muslim Mama too. :)

jana z. said...

mashallah they are beautiful pictures. but i always always LOVE pics of the babies on their first day of school. they are so happy and feeling so grown up. i love them all but this one is adorable.

Umm Aaminah said...

@ Sr. Mona: oh thanks for the heads up about Umm Travis! I knew that, just forgot. :-( lol Oh I gave a "shout out" for your swell blog design; I know it's kinda defunct now but it still has some good tutorials you did previously.

Sr. Jana, thanks for the "adorable" comment; I agree 100%. ;-) BTW I always love to read your blog; I appreciate your blend of sensitivity and humor. :-)