November 23, 2010

A trip to the beach

 A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. For the first time in my life, I live in a state that is bordered by an ocean and yet we've only went to the beach once. The problem is, up here if you go during warm weather nothing but fitnah and it isn't appropriate to take a Muslim family unfortunately.

I really wanted to see the ocean again. The first time we went at the end of last winter it was bitterly, bitingly cold. Literally we stayed for 4 minutes and then left.

 This time the temperatures were at least 15 degrees higher but oh my! We were still super cold as you can tell by Aaminah's face in the first pic and the lack of others at the beach. I think we made it 15 minutes this time (I insisted everyone wear jackets, hats, gloves, etc.).

Still my dream of a nice picnic by the beach didn't transpire. We went to a sandwich place later and grabbed a bite. Funny in this pic the most prominent person is A who most dislikes having photographs made. lol He says they destroy your imagination but I insist they help jog my memory and thus are necessary. :-) In case you are wondering, I was holding the cam trying to get us all in the shot. Nice job huh??

Any of you have husbands/family members who (aside from any haram/halal argument) feels its odd to want to capture a moment in time? I love it personally but have cut down alot from what I used to snap. Oh and it was just us four (that's Zainab in the pic) bec the other two went with their mother that day.

Ma salaama....


Anonymous said...

Masha'allah beautiful family.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

My husband hates having snaps taken and thinks it is silly because of getting it developed due to alot of developers being men ect.

Mona Z said...

People still develop pictures? :) hey, you are so cute with your dimples!

Stephanie said...

Mashallah--I love the pics!!! My Dad's like that with pics and kind of rolls his eyes at me and say's I'll take a pic of anything. Which is true, actually. Maybe the need to capture an event in time is a female thing. We are afterall the ones who like to create scrap books, babybooks, photoalbums etc.

Stephanie said...

BTW the troll's back and looks like most def. from knoxville.

Umm Aaminah said...

@ Mona, at least I get cute dimples from my chubbiness. One plus! lol

@ Steph, yeah you are right. I noticed in my stat log. We'll see what transpires, eh? :-)

My question is, how could they ever stay away? I mean we are interesting women masha'allah. lol

Angelle said...

I like to have pictures, but am self-conscious too. So I take lots of pictures of everyone else. Works for me.

Luckily everyone else in our immediate and extended family are total hams. My mother-in-law has taught me the value and fun of having family pictures around. Like you said, it jogs our memories. Next thing you know, we're laughing: "Remember that day..."

Khadra said...

My H is a total ham for the camera. Dozens of pics of him.. and almost none of me... LOL. He is however, very picky about where the pictures end up. No posting in public places, and no wall display. He considers them private memories, and I am fine with that.

Digital cams for the win..