June 18, 2011

Another milestone...

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Btw, my last entry was post # 250; subhanallah! Like most busy moms, I don't always get to finish what I start so I feel like I've done a fair job with keeping up my blog; 2 yrs and 250 posts later, I'm still here. That's a testament for multi-tasking. :-)

Alhamdulillah my best friend Sr. Lisa is up from Tennessee right now. Can I get another Alhamdulillah? I am really happy she is here with her sweet, funny daughter Aliyah. Lisa is 26 weeks pregnant masha'Allah and I've not seen her all pregnancy. It's so sweet and cute; I love pregnant tummies. Since she's my friend, I get to do the Buddha-belly rub. Yes! I even felt the little buddy kick. (Insha'Allah it's a boy.)

My posting might still be sporadic so just a little heads up. I really miss my son but I am grateful for the days he was here. As we "speak" he is on his way to Guatemala for a working mission trip. Meaning not calling people to Christianity but doing work for the community. As Guatemala is 95% Christian, this is more of a charity trip than a proselytizing one. :-) Insha'Allah my sons stay safe and are a great help to the indigenous peoples they are going to assist.

The past few days I've had many ideas for posts but no time. If I forget to write down my idea, it's usually lost to the void. Insha'Allah they'll resurface at a later time.

Oh yeah, I do have some photos of the visit. I have to admit, I am not best photographer when it comes to special times. I am too busy enjoying them to worry about staying behind a lens. I did want some photos so I would sporadically pull out the old camera and point and click!

I purposefully did NOT take pictures of his departure. It was hard enough and I didn't want to feel sad everytime I looked at the photographs. Wise move, grasshopper. :-)

Oh I've also been trying to re-arrange/re-tag all of my photos on the computer. When I upload my pics, a little box pops-up that allows you to place tags. So, for example, if on that particular day I had some pics of a sewing project, dinner photos, and Aaminah, I would type the following:

"crafts, recipes, Aami"  I thought by placing the commas in between it would make individual tags.

Nope. It made the tag "crafts recipes Aami" which is counter-productive if for example I wanted to pull up all my craft photos. So now I am going through and re-tagging. It's painstaking work but fun for me and I'll be so happy with my new improved photo storage system.

Oh a little reminder for us all, BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS NOW. Don't delay it; get some DVDs or buy online storage. Whateva. Just do it. I lost a computer 4 yrs ago and all of my digital photos from that time period are gone. My boys during their formative years. :-(

I kept the computer for a long time because I really wanted to try to retrieve them. I finally threw it away when I moved here to MA. :-( Anyway a lesson for us all, a painful one, so....

BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS AND IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS NOW. OK that concludes my public service announcement for today. :-)

Love ya'll fi sabilillah!


Umm Mini said...

Salaam alaykum,

Masha'Allah 250 posts, you've certainly been multitasking then. Insha'Allah your son will return safely from Guatemala and insha'Allah you'll see him again soon.

Aishah said...

Just for this reason we got a 250gb external hard drive. we have sooooo many photos and assorted other junk on it and it is not even a fraction of the way filled.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 250 milestone and long may it continue. X

HijabiMommy said...

Congrats on the milestone!

Yeah, I've lost pictures that way. Even though we're quite techy, we've still made the stupid mistake of not backing up our pictures...

Umm Hamza said...

Masha'Allah! Congrats on the 250th post! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your son. Missionaries always inspire me, I wish I could find some Islamic organizations willing to do the same thing, with the same generous purpose, but Islami-style. I'd be the first one on the plane! May Allah keep you and your family safe and happy, Ameen!

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum sis,

I would love to see those picture InshALLAH!
SubhanALLAH it also happened to me, I lost many of my boy's pictures when he was a toddler, loads of precious memories just vanished in a minute!