May 7, 2012

New look?

Salaam ya'll. I really wanna change the look of my blog. Please, any of you with some good websites for free blogger templates, hit me up. I like this one but it's just getting a little old. I've done before but really want something more individualized. I wish I had Mama Mona's mad skillz but alas, I don't so I'm stuck with a bit of ready-made magic.

Let me know, ya'll. Ma salaama!

P.S. Probably gonna be going to the hospital today because my access, that I just got last week, isn't working. We'll see. :-)


Renay said...

Hi, I have spent the last 4 hours reading your blog after stumbling upon it when googling Knoxville and hijabs. I am not a Knoxville native but I am a native Tennessean and when i see your ya'lls mixed in with Arabic, it makes me smile.

I attend UTK and I am extremely interested/intrigued by Islam; however, this I have found very difficult to pursue. I found your blog because I was wanting to find a way to possibly integrate some facets of Islam into my daily life, such as veiling and dressing modestly. While I usually dress modestly, trying a hijab would be a very big step.
I am struggling to find inner peace. All of my life has been a struggle with faith/religion and I am tired of not belonging and feeling myself float along.

After much(at least I think it is a lot) of study, I am willing to look deeper.
I am sorry this is scattered, but I feel like I was meant to find this blog and speak to you. I am very sorry you are sick. Kidney problems are terrible and I wish you a speedy recovery, I truly do.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam Renay and I am so glad you stopped by my little corner of the 'net. I would be very happy to talk to you about Islam and insha'Allah answer any questions you might have.

Please feel free to look me up on fb; I have a button in the right sidebare. Send me a message; I check it pretty frequently.

I am just now on my way to the hospital. Sudden surgery, story of my life right now. :) So it might take me a day or two but I am looking forward to hearing from you. :-)

Just a reminder, all journeys start with one step. Sometime we start out and are unsure where we are going and sometimes our destination changes along the way but learning is never in vain. So don't be afraid to ask me anything you are curious about. I'm pretty easy to talk to. :-)

Ma salaama (bye!)

Anonymous said...

@Renay, May god's peace and blessings be upon you.
OmmAaamina is one of the nicest sisters in islam..I think she can guide and help you to find the real God,islam and its teachings..

You can also visit the following blog and youtube channel of two newly converted muslimah's(women) for further guidance :

Umm Aaminah said...

Thank you, sister, for your kind words. :-)

Renay said...

Hey, sorry this took so long. I am currently in China and using UTK's free VPN and im lucky to load blogger, the facebook tie-ins are not showing up.

I will be back in Knoxville by the end of May.

I hope your emergency surgery went well and that you recover quickly!

ireminisces said...

walaikum asalam
Congratulations on a wonderful blog.
Belief In The Aakhirah is my latest bloglet come on have a read comment/follow welcomed, stay blessed.

Habibi Matrimonials said...

I like the way you placed your followers across your blog, makes you think "wow" she has so many followers! It impresses the eye.