January 6, 2013

New look, new direction?

Spanish ruins Jamaica 2012

Salaam my sisters! It's been a while again since my last update. I've noticed most of the blogs I follow have been pretty quite; I don't know if these things come and go. As for me, my ongoing illness coupled with single parenting and as always my uber-private husband equals little inspiration for blogging.

I decided to start by re-doing my blog. I was tired of the old look, all those muted blue flowers. :) Just realized I went with flowers again but this is my own pic of the Tennessee state flower, the iris. I took this outside my sister's house. These particular iris also came from a patch from my Mamaw's house which means this strain has been in our family for years. Masha'Allah this is the type of hand-me-down I like!

Also, the loss of all my pictures on blogger did dishearten me. As I said, it did save me A LOT of work, going through and taking out all photos that were too personal for Cap'n's taste but really... I feel defeated. I had a lot of pics of Aaminah and food I had made. It's not that I miss the pictures so much but if someone clicks on a link on my blog they will be greatly disappointed! We all know pictures help make the post. Alhamdulillah for it all, and this will be the last time I mention it.

So I decided I would read the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer. Allahu rabbi! At first I liked it; I'm a sucker for intense love stories but kinda felt like a teenager watching it. However, the writing is just dismal. It is NOT "novel worthy" writing by any means. I like the premise (I've never been a vampire fan, I just liked the story line) but it was not executed well. This is one time I liked the movie more than the book! Trust me, that doesn't happen that often. :)

I've read books I and II. Now I want to read the rest just because I like to finish what I start but I've been buying them for my Kindle and I just can't justify $7 for a book that seems like it was written by a 17 yr old. Guess I'll netflix the movies and watch those. I'm sure there is hardly anyone out there still wanting to see/read this series but if you are on the fence, don't waste your time or money unless you are just really hard up for something to do. :)

I'll leave you with a bit of advice I've picked up from my husband that will serve you well in ANY situation: if it's not your business don't get involved. :D This has saved me from countless pointless, time-consuming discussions with people who really don't want my opinion after all, they just want someone to say they are right. :) So alhamdulillah for husband's with common sense. lol

So I'll leave you with this random pic. This is evidence of a horrible compulsion I've passed onto Aaminah. Be warned: it's addictive:


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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Twilight, it seems like it was written by a 17 year old...I read it to see what was so great about it, but there's better books out there. You could probably borrow the last ones from the library so you won't have to pay for them.