October 9, 2013

We heart Indian food!

A feast fit for a Queen...and her princess ;)
Salaam ya'll! Well we finally got Old G (our car) back and boy are we happy! We also are still on cloud 9 in regards to Cap'n's interview being set so we decided to celebrate! Take-out Indian was in order. Delicious!

We have a little local Indian restaurant called Sitar. In the past I've been pretty ambivalent about it; sometimes good, sometimes sucked. :) This time it was AWESOME. With the exception of the paneer pakoras (chickpea-batter coated cheese appetizers). They were horrid but they had waaay too much batter, not used to htem that way.

Everything else was delicious. Hot and fresh. Apparently being the first diner has it's pluses! ;) We called in before they opened and made our order to-go. We also saved about $10 on drinks and tip so I consider it a good thing. :) And we live about 8 minutes away so it was all hot and fresh.

I've been craving veg laterly so we got the veg thali or platter. It has palak paneer (spinach with cheese cubes), veg korma, and dal makhani (buttered beans). It came with a piece of plain naan, pappadums (papad, lentil crackers) and 2 kinds of chutney, mint and onion.

I asked for mild and it was very mild. I could have taken a bit of heat but I didn't want too much; I like to enjoy my food, not be annhilated by it! lol We also ordered the paneer pakoras (won't do that again, tho) and one order of kheer or rice pudding, as well as 1 piece of peshwari (fruited) naan.

Peshwari naan, how I love thee!

In total it was like $26 but I am not kidding when I say we have enough for at least 2 more meals! Now Aaminah's fave is the palak paneer but minus the cheese. She just wants the spinach with plain naan! We enjoyed our meal and I'll be putting it away in a bit; I'm just too full and tired to right now!

Funny tho because this is supposedly just enough for 1 person. We did not buy a 2 person thali. Subnanallah! We have 3/4 of both the veg korma and the dal makhani left, maybe a bit less than 1/2 of the spinach as Aaminah adored it. Loads of rice, all the pakoras, and still almost an entire piece of naan. I eat very little now that I am so sick.

I had (literally) 2 cereal spoons of rice and 2 cereal spoons each of korma and palak paneer. One of the makhani. I did eat half a piece of naan tho and a small papad. It was so light and fresh it almost felt as if you weren't eating it at all. :)

Anyway we fel tliek celebrating a little but with the cost vs how much food we received, it wasn't much of a splurge. I don't have to cook tomorrow either. :)

Alright, ma salaama ya'll!

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