October 12, 2013

Aaminah made Hajj! Well, sort of ;)

We did this today at home. We didn't have quite enough cotton balls so we had to separate them to make enough. ;) I cut out the shapes then she glued all the cotton balls and body parts on. She also stuck on her name in glittery stickers.

Here are some of the projects the older children did, mA!

The hallway decorated so nicely mA! They made sai in this hall. :)
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! Aaminah is a little hajji now! Her school had an amaaaazing Hajj program on Friday which they invited the parents to watch. It was awesome! I didn't find her a white outfit; the prayer outfit she has is a hand-me-down and it's a bit stained and snagged. So she just wore a black abaya we got at Sunnah Style a couple of years ago. I got it for like $8 because it was a factory-reject. Misplaced snap or something. :)

Anyway the school looked AWESME and jazakum Allahu khair to everyone who helped! I wish I had better pics; I borrowed a few pics from a friend but I don't really wanna put up pics of other people's kids. They were so cute btw and mA! Little boys in their ihrams (sheets and towels mostly lol) and the little girls all in hijab and abaya. Every year they make a new Kaaba so the children can participate. Here is how they made sai between Safa and Marwa. :)
Great idea!

They even had a sacrifice station. What a cute idea! Aaminah gently slide her hand across the sheep's throat and I explained the meat is donated to the poor. It was so much fun! I got to do tawwaf with her at the end of the Hajj and we went around chanting the dua.

Cute little sheep mA!!! :)
They ate their snack while "camped" at Mina. I can't explain how great of a job they did!

 I didn't walk over when they went to Arafat; it was at the other side of the parking area and I was really tired that day. But I joined her when she went to stone the pillars (and shaitan!). I can't show pics of it because there were so many cute little brown, white, and beige faces in it! :) But the pillars looked so nice and they got to go and pick up 3 little smooth pebbles. Nice small pebbles so the excitable kids do not hurt anyone. :)

Next time I'll try and remember to get better pics that I can share. Just didn't feel like blocking out 10 faces in a pic. :)

Hope ya'll have a great eid if I don't update before then and may Allah swt bless all the hujjaj and accept their ibadah amin!

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