December 25, 2013

A belated update!

My hijabi shadow with Li'l Miss :)

Salaam, peace, and a great big howdy from East Tennessee! Cap'n did, indeed, make it here as did H. We have been living the family life and LOVING it, masha'Allah!

I cannot say enough good things about having our family complete and all under one roof. H is acclimating to the US but of course the chilliness is hard for both of them to get used to!

I am feeling faaar too lazy to blur faces so there will not be any pictures today but soon, iA, soon, I will. :) Cap'n is THE most private person I know so I'll have to see what his comfort level is.

Oh on a culinary level we are really enjoying exploring southern food together! Cap'n is a definite southern food aficianado! And masha'Allah he cleans after I cook so it's a total win/win! Biscuits and gravy, beef bacon omg yummmm!, and chili have all made appearances much to his delight. H is also LOVING my way of cooking which is nice, too. :)

We went to the dollar store to grab some helium balloons to make the occasion festive and look what we found! Jamaican flag colors AND an American flag balloon. Fitting!

Li'l Miss is absolutely adoring having her Daddy here, someone to wrestle with and dote on. It's been so sweet seeing them together and knowing she feels like she has a full family. :) Right now she coloring little shapes on paper and cutting them out and presenting them to us as gifts, mA. I love her little heart!

Feeling blessed beyond blessed, happy my husband is FINALLY here and just alhamdulillah at ease for the first time in a long time!

As for my health, my kidney function had declined yet again. :( Creatnine at it's highest at 5.41 and I just did a 24 hour urine; today is Christmas so the doctor's office is closed so iA I'll get the results tomorrow or the next day. I'm hoping the 24 hour test will show it's actually higher than the daily result so duas, please. :)

Oh Sis Umm Ibrahim at Old School Hijabi does a feature on covering muslimahs and I submitted my "story". A lot of time us plus-size sisters aren't shown on websites, etc. because our style is more dowdy or less exciting or whatever. :) I wanted my other larger-than-life sistahs to know you can be modest, on budget, and not look too shabby with a few tips and tricks. :) Mostly long khimars, cheap sundresses, and tissue tee cardigans. :D

Alright, iA I'll be back, I needed my "honeymoon" time (please no naysayers from the haram brigade telling me it has pagan roots, blah blah blah... just a phrase) and now we are settling into our routine alhamdulillah.

Ma salaama ya'll!


Um Dayo said...

Honeymoon is haraam? Goddddddd. Somebody shoot me. What is wrong with people?

I am so freaking happy for you!!!! I can barely handle how great it makes me feel knowing you are finally getting some ease in shaa allah. I love a good ending. :-)

Umm Aaminah said...

LOL Lord help us, we know there are out there, just waiting for someone to say something that just *might* be construed as "Haraaaaaam!" lol

I love a good ending too sis, and praying for yours and mine! Alhamdulillah he is a blessing. :D

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

He is lucky you can cook;)

I am terrible at Southern food. One of the OPNO girls, she's like a real belle, not just a deb, and she can make all the real stuff, but I can't even do sweet tea or fried chicken;).

MashaAllah cute shadow!

Anonymous said...

I know you've mentioned earlier that you needed to lose weight in order to have another kidney transplant.In sha Allah you will , however all the cooking that you seem to be enjoying is really not healthy for you.Maybe more vegetables "sans" sauce or gravy etc..Maybe your new husband can join in helping you.

Umm Aaminah said...

OPNO you need to take every opportunity to eat at your friend's house then iA! lol

Anonymous, thank you for your concern and advice. :) It's true, I do tend to enjoy the southern comfort foods I grew up with and I DO need to lose weight. One thing in my favor is currently I eat such a small amount but it would be better if I ate small amounts of salad and grilled chicken instead of small amounts of biscuits and gravy. :) I do have to start getting serious about losing weight for a transplant and while I'm not excited about it, it's a necessity. :) Please make dua for me iA.

Heni El G said...

Salaamu aleikoum, just found your blog, really nice machallah will be reading in the future. :D

Anonymous said...

Why have you stopped blogging?. Please come back!