May 14, 2010

Busy, oh so busy

*Ain't she just the purtiest little thang you ever did see?*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! I've been meaning to do a post for while but you know, life gets in the way. :-) First I'll update everyone on my famiy, then get to the meat of the posting!

I finally had my i.v. pulled. Alhamdulillah! It was in for SIX WEEKS this time subhanallah. I pray the infection is gone but Allahu alim, time will tell. I have an appointment with a uro-gynecologist to have a little look-see (southernism!) at my hoo-haa (immature word for my "you know whats".) Wait, that's immature too! lol ANYWAY glad to be infection-free insha'allah. Uh, infection in my urinary tract for those of you thinking otherwise. :-)

I always like to keep up with the other sisters out there in the virtual world. Some make me smile, some make me think, others make me think, "what the..." lol. But I enjoy them all. I was reading on this Muslim Mama's blog the other day (she had a little rant) and really some of it was just too funny. Especially the part about personal hygiene. Sis, wanna hear my "dirty" secret? Once a friend and  I had a VH1's "Behind the Music" fest and did nothing but watch it the entire weekend. I mean we didn't change out of our pajamas, we didn't cook, and no, we didn't shower. Nice. Oh, and that has never been repeated again btw. :-)

I am still not feeling my new masjid. I know I could do more to feel a part. I think it's kinda like when your dog dies and you feel guilty petting the new puppy. I miss my old masjid and sisters there so much I can't feel too good at the new one. And, yeah, it's realllly different here. At least this Jumah I got 3 salaams. Woo-hoo! ;-) New record. In my previous masjid, which I still think of as MY masjid, I went out of my way to be involved, volunteer, work for the masjid and school, etc. Now I have no time for volunteering. I know and believe my place is in the home, that I should care for my husband, family, and home first. I firmly believe this but I do miss being involved in my local community. Insha'allah as the kids grow a bit (really meaning Aaminah!) I can do so again.

Ohhhhhhh I gotta share this with you all! My brother is currently a mandatory guest at one of the state of Tennessee's finer establishments. Um, prison, yeah. Not a violent crime but repeat offeneder. ANYWHO... I got a letter from him. Nice, telling me how he is working on his education, has gained 30 lbs (good for him, he is small), blah blah blah. Nice no talk about dropped soap and near misses. LOL Alhamdulillah.

However, before I could even read the letter, as I drew it out from the envelope, my eyes fell on his p.s. which was written on the back page. All it said was this:

"P.S. Is there any ladies who would like to correspond? Please have them write."

WTHeck? Are you serious? My brother, and let's forget even the fact I am Muslim and don't do anything like that nor do my friends, but my elder brother asking me to be his pimp. Authubillah! Toooooo funny and really just set the tone for me to read the rest of his letter. I didn't even mention it in my return reply; I'll put in a few pamphlets on Islam though and insha'allah he might read them.

OK this has been a crazy, all-over-the-place kinda post. I'll end it here now before my brain just goes completely out.

Ya'll have a great weekend! Ma salaama.....

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