May 23, 2010

Online yard sale of sorts

*I know alot of sisters laugh how anytime a Muslimah is mentioned there is a rose or a pearl. However the analogy is correct I feel so... it's my blog and I'm using it! lol*

Salaam ya'll!!! As you know, I just recently moved here to Massachussets. Well in February but still not unpacked fully! haha In trying to get things straightened and fit all our belongings into one smallish sized, 3 bedroom apartment, I realize I need to downsize a wee bit. Mainly in the area of clothing.

Really I feel it's bordering on haram, how many clothes I have. I started my "career" as a Muslimah with a mix and match, pieced together wardrobe of things that didn't quite go. Insha'allah I get hasanat for some of the things I had to wear to be modest! ;-) Anyway, I would get a hijab here, another there, maybe a sister would give away some abayaat, and then I discovered online shopping. Woe is me! lol Plus I went to India in 2006 and bought many shalwar kameez.(I was married to an Indian at the time, enjoyed the look of them, and did it to please my husband.)

Now however I wear an abaya when I am out of my home. I did this before marrying my Arab husband as I just felt it was the most modest way to fulfill the requirements of Allah swt. (No judging going on here!) So, to make this loooong story short I got lots and lots clothes ya'll! (Imagine a toned-down Paula Deen accent saying that!)

So I want to know if you all would be interested in me posting some of my excess clothing: some abayaat, shalwar kameez, and maybe some modest western clothing. All would be plus size. Smallest chest size maybe 46 on a few but more likely 50 to 54 inch chest. I'm not a small girl. ;-) I was telling my friend yesterday, I know I passed the "cute 'n chubby" stage a few pounds ago. lol

Just leave a comment if you are interested. I would need you to pay shipping and would like to ask a small fee for the clothing; maybe $10 to $15 or the most part. However, if there is ANY sister there (or that you know) who has a real need for modest clothes, please let me know; insha'allah if you can just pay shipping for the items we'd be set.

OK a big jazakumallahu khair to ya'll and don't be shy to leave a comment pleaseeeee.

Ma salaama...


Kaighla said...

Yes, yes yes! I love shalwar kameez (a fellow india lover. :-) ) and of course my arab husband loves abayat. so, yes, all things! and I smiled real big when you said you are plus-sized because I am too! lol

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis if you want to send me another message (I won't post it to the comments) and let me know your size ie bust measurement, hips, and also length for abaya I will take some photos of what I have in your size insha'Allah. :-)

Ma salaama...

Love of Islam said...

Let me know if any of ur abayat would fit me that are comfortable for summer wear and simple. I have quite a few abayat as you know, but most of them I'm not comfortable wearing in the heat.
I know, you probably need those for yourself, lol. Oh btw, it's taken forever to catch up on your blogs; next time don't wait months to remind me.