October 17, 2010

I gots da' bumpity bump, camel hump!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. It would appear that I am going for that all-out, over-the-top hijab fashion/trend known as al-gambooa3a, the camel hump, 60's beehive hairdo under a scarf, look. HOWEVER it's not quiet that simple.

You see, I got a perm. A curly perm, to clarify. My eldest son asked, with a look of barely concealed horror, "You mean a straight perm or a curly perm?". Seems even 17 yr olds with no real knowledge of the 80s knows what the end result of a curly permanent can be.

Yes Virgina, I did get a permanent. And you know what? I like it. I really like it. Being a southerner (and growing up in the 80s) I do have an affinity for big hair. Bring on the Final Net and hair dryer, our hair is getting some wings! One of my friends used so much hairspray your feet would literally stick to the floor. One girl in high school (her name was Kara, really sweet shy girl) had what was enviably known as the "tallest hair in the 9th grade". We all loved her hair.

So it would seem I've brought back a version of the big hair. I don 't wear it high on the top but when I pull my hair back under my hijab it still makes a verrrry noticeable hump. I've never worn a hair flower (used to give the illusion of height under my hijab) because I do feel it isn't correct. I am NOT starting a debate, I don't judge those who do it, I just feel it's not correct.

But I do like the look my new 'do gives me. Hey, its just my hair, I can appreciate it! Anyway I would love to post some pics of my hair done up in the funky rollers (it took 2 girls 3 hours just to roll it!!!) but I still think that borders on haram/showing off what isn't apparent so I'll have to take an indefinite raincheck. ;-)

Alrighty insha'allah I'll get my vacay pics uploaded soon. I wanna show off my handsome sons!!!! We are having a cookout tonight (it's already chilly here in Mass especially at night) but a girl's gotta eat her halal burgers.

Ma salaama ya'll!


Mona Z said...

Cool, I have straight hair and always wished I had curls.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. As soon as I did it, I had buyer's remorse. lol Before my hair was wavy but really shiny and healthy masha'Allah. I knew A loved it.

Turns out he likes it this way too, so SCORE. ;-)And yeah, it's fun to have a little change.

Shadia said...

Nice to hear you're taking care of yourself, as well as your big family masha Allah :) Whenever I put my hair in a bun, the shape always shows, even when it's down low because I've got 'big hair' especially when it's natural! It even shows under all those layers of khimar and niqab. Ah well, what's a girl to do? :D

Yara aka Butterfly2729 said...

Asalamu alaikum :)

Yeah as long as it's not like one of those huge things which makes you look like a cone head it's fine. As we all remember that hadith relating to it, right? And that isn't something that i'd want for any of my sisters!

Pampering yourself is always good and shouldn't be fogotten :D I love my hair's texture after i come out of the salon, pure BLISS!