October 11, 2010

Still on vacation!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! I am kinda sorry I didn't bring my laptop because I could have been downloading and sharing photos as we go. Alhamdulillah, our other one is being repaired so I left it at home for A. Also I didn't really need yet another bag to keep up with, now did I?

I am having a great time but feel guilty being away from A. He got sick, Yousef the youngest got sick and Nurse Jeanna is nowhere around. Alhamdulillah. Insha'allah they are both on the mend and I guess this will make my market value raise even more, yeah? ;-)

My family celebrates Thanksgiving every year. I do attend as it isn't a religious gathering for my family, just about family and good food! So this year masha'allah they decided to have it in October so I could be present. We had it at my sister's soon to be opened restaurant, The Groovy Dawg Cafe. :-) It was great and so much fun masha'Allah. Zachary sang and played his guitar and Aaminah even joined in the fun. And yes, sisters, I know music is haram, I know stringed instruments are haram. My son isn't Muslim, he is a Christian, I just enjoyed spending time with him while he enjoyed himself.

My sons are huge masha'Allah! Such wonderful young men. I could really just go on and on about them. I love them so much and now it will be even harder to leave them. It's difficult because I love A so much and I love my sons and right now, those 2 things are in different places. Insha'allah it will all work out and please sisters make dua for us that Allah reunited us all soon amin!

OK I need to go. Just wanted to update, and thank my followers. Really I love knowing that people keep up with my life and that insha'Allah I have such a beautiful circle of sisters who love me for the sake of Allah swt as I love each and every one of you. We may not meet in person but we can pray for each other and beseech Allah to help and guide the others in times of distress and crisis.

May Allah bless us all amin!!!!


jana z. said...

its good to hear from you sister and to know that you are having a peaceful, relaxed vacation. dont worry about us and the laptop etc etc. we can wait, you just have a good time.

i laughed when you spoke of thanksgiving. we are forever explaining ourselves and our positions on the holiday. i have thanksgiving dinner with my family every year and will continue to do so inshallah. but we are always having to explain....when does that ever stop?

have a wonderful time inshallah

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam Sr. Jana and thanks for your well wishes! :-)

I am not sure if it ever stops. lol :-D

Ma salaama....

saving... said...

hope you had a good time:)

saving... said...

May Allah protect your family

Umm Aaminah said...

Saving... jazak allahu khair. :-) Amin!!!

Umm Hamza said...

Salams! Oooh now I'm craving some good ol'Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings! Somehow nothing American tastes quite the same here in Egypt. Alhamdulillah I'm glad you're having a good time with your family. May Allah bring you all closer to one another, both literally and metaphorically, AMEN!