October 2, 2010

Random picture post

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! I just uploaded several pics and, thanks to bloggers new (or new to me) feature of placing multiple photos easily, ya'll are getting' a treat. I can say that because as usual most of them are of Aaminah. :-P Enjoy!

Ouch! The ground was closer than I thought!

I kinda like the view from down here.

Swing glorious swing! By the way, I got her cute little outfit on clearance at Target for about $4.00 The "cutoff" jean shorts have little flower embroideries around the thigh and I bought the green t-shirt separate. Will insha'Allah fit her next year too!

Just doing what my mama says. I feel like a dork. :-) I wanted you all to see her farasha abaya my friend, Sr. Lisa made her. Sooo cute!!!

Lisa sent her a little hijab that used to belong to her daughter Aliyah before she got so big masha'allah! Doesn't Aaminah look like one of those cute little Indonesian girls now?

Aaminah came to me and said, "Look. I did henna!"

Showing off her "hand"-i-work :-D


Stephanie said...

She's so cute mashallah and I love the new header. My girls always tell me they gave themselves a "tatoo" so at least she's picking a more halal route :)

Umm Aaminah said...

Thanks sis! I like the header too; gives my blog a personal feel.

I draw on Aaminah's hands and tell her it's henna; my lazy (worried about brown stains all over the house) way of making her feel all sparkly and pretty. lol

Latife said...

assalamu allekum sıster!
MashAllah MashAllah abiye it is so nice for girl! İ have two girls too they are trying praying with me its make me really happy!