April 27, 2011

Craftin' mama, again :-)

***UPDATE*** I just looked at my blog post (to check for errors) and noticed how HORRIBLE the stitching looks in this enlarged pic. Daaaang. So just wanted ya'll to know I wasn't going for the Frankenstein look, I merely stitched too close to the edge of the fabric and it rent as I stuffed it. So I had to do a quick stitch job. Obviously it didn't look so horrible in real life cause I was shocked just now to see this! lol

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. :-) I got me a heap more inspiration for some homemade goodness from Mairuru's blog again. This time I hand-stitched a little sarubobo plush figures. These are cute little faceless people that are a traditional Japanese handcraft. Please go to her blog to see how they are SUPPOSED to look. :-D Super cute and small enough for little fingers. I whipped one up for Aaminah from the scrap fabric I had leftover from making my passport cover. (When I try that again, I'll post the results for it too!)

That isn't dirt btw; Aaminah loves to color her fingernails with markers!!!!
 Ah it's pretty cute huh? But... you knew there would be a but... :-) I made a teensy error in my sizing. They are supposed to be small. Her fabric pieces had 5x6 written on them, I assumed inches. Dork. lol It was cm, which most of the world (except the US, Liberia, and Burma..true, I googled it!) uses. Anyway mine turned out quite a bit bigger but Aaminah liked it. It was my first try so not too shabby but I intend to make some more. Probably with a lighter fabric as well; I thought to use scraps my first time so I wouldn't waste good material. Smart, eh? :-)

Well to keep Aaminah busy I decided to buy her a little sewing kit of her own the other day. I was going to buy a plastic canvas plastic needle and a sheet of canvas. However, at the last moment I found a cute little set for only $1.00 at A.C. Moore. Saving about $5, yay me. She played with it for a bit and changed her yarn color a lot. :-) All part of the fun, eh?

Once again, marker ya'll. Not old scratches or scars but m a r k e r. lol
 I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing THIS but I'll repost these little cuties again once I make some that aren't massive and slightly weird. :-) ma salaama ya'll


HijabiMommy said...

That is really cute! LOL at the in. and cm. Was the doll hard to make?

And what a great idea of getting Aaminah a children's sewing kit so she can sew like Mommy!

Umm Aaminah said...

No it was super easy to make! I remember making dolls when I was about 10 or so by hand-stitching; this is a really cute idea.

Please check out Mairuru's blog to see hers. I'm gonna make some the right size :-) and post them. It was fun to do and you can use almost any scrap fabric you have. She even made a mobile for her beautiful chubby little baby girl. It was sweet. :-)

I got the idea to let Aaminah try sewing with a plastic needle from Frugal Family Fun Blog (one that I follow). This lady is so darn creative!!!!