April 28, 2011

Finally, a cute sarubobo :-)

See? Brave enough to enlarge this photo. :-)
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So I made another one; I couldn't wait, the last one was just sooo... Oh I don't know, like the fat girl who doesn't get invited to the dance, or the stupid cousin you'd like to erase from your family tree. :-)) I felt after TWO craftin' failures in a row, I really had to get back my street cred.

Such as it were. Ahem.

Anyhoo... sorry I'm a little annoyed now. Just got a call from Yousef's school saying we needed to meet with the principal and his teacher because the teacher apparently had been trying to get in contact with A and could not. Wait a minute, WTHeck? I spoke with this teacher at the beginning of the year and he offered to send home a daily report (Yousef, my stepson, has some behavior issues) which would detail his behavior plus his homework.

IT NEVER CAME. Can you do the math? That was in September, now it's almost May. It never ever ever came. I even spoke with the Asst. Principal about it a few weeks ago. So now suddenly THEY have been trying to contact us? Hmmmm. Don't think so.

This is gonna lead me to another little rant. I hate hate hate hate despise when people assume because we are practicing Muslims (read: beard and abaya sportin', they know nothing about our ibadah) that we are ignorant. It makes me want to get a PhD in ass-y-ness (as this principal apparently has!!) just so I can saunter in and say, "No, actually, its' DOCTOR Umm Aaminah." LOL

They always, always act surprised when a) I speak correct english, b) understand what they are saying and c) actually have some original and pertinent thoughts of my own. Gasp!

OK sorry for that. I usually am pretty upbeat, give others the benefit of the doubt, but I really dislike this school system here. I never faced these issues in Tennessee. Well I mean my friends never faced these issues; everyone got along and there was a minimum of ass-y-ness to deal with. Anyway sorry I had to share all that but she just called and interrupted my happy happy post about my sarubobo skillz.

So back to that:  To recap, I first made this:

And then I managed to create this:

"Oh look at me, la-dee-dee! I'm so cute and petite!" lol
 Alright, really all I wanted to say; the rest is just gravy. :-)

Ma salaama ya'll!


HijabiMommy said...

how adorable!! the first one was cute, too, but the mini one is just precious!

Halima said...

I never heard of a Sarubobo, but it's cute- reminds me a bit of the Pillsbury doughboy, hehe!
Yeah, I get you on the "they think we're dumb cuz we're Moozlems" thing! I have an English degree and I was once working on my PhD (had to quit cuz it was too expensive!)- but I still get the "do you speak English" question?! Once I got that from a Border control officer in the Newark Airport- I was tired and cranky after a long flight to the US from London, so I'm afraid I lost it a bit. This guy, obviously from a recent immigrant background himself, had already been giving an elderly Pakistani couple a hard time and shouting rudely at them, so I wasn't predisposed to like him. So when he said to me "do you speak English?" in a thick Hispanic accent, I retorted "Yes, better than you, Sir!" Well, it made me feel better anyway, hehe!

Umm Aaminah said...

Halima, good for you sis! You know, as an American citizen, I feel pretty confident to be able to do those things. However, anyone here on a visa of any type is probably (and rightfully!) wary of making any issues.

Some of those guys are complete and utter jerks. No two ways about it!