April 19, 2011

Random updates

I love this picture of Aaminah; she was 7 months old. So cute masha'allah!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. This is gonna be one of those mish-mash kinda posts; just catching you up on some daily going-ons and ongoing issues. :-)

I noticed I was pretty prolific in March; 21 posts masha'Allah! Especially when compared with my 4 measly ones this month. Dismal, dismal! I just haven't had the inspiration. What can ya do? Anyway let's tie up some loose ends now. :-)

1. We were supposed to meet with Hafsa's principal last Friday. However, A had the flu and double pnuemonia. :-( He missed 7 days of work and really felt bad. This was on the tail end of Aaminah's illness which lasted about 10 days so really I've been a-nursin' everyone for a couple of weeks. Maybe that's where all my energy went. :-) Insha'Allah we'll get a new meeting rescheduled now that A is feeling better (and no longer contagious).

2. I've been feeling really crafty. I found a really inspiring website (oh come on, there are sooo many!) but this is a very sweet woman from Japan called Mairuru. This is her blog; it's alot of her life, photos of Japan and all of her super-sweet handmade (hand sewn!) crafts. Seeing how inspired she is inspires me. I don't think there are many days that pass where she doesn't make something handmade masha'Allah.

Also, after reading through her blog, I was humbled by her attitude and perspective on life. I find myself often admiring Asians cultures for their emphasis on family, devotion, and simplicity. Mairuru and her family are no exception. She is grateful for all the small blessings in her life and it's just heartwarming to read. No complaints, no grouchings, just quiet happiness. I felt calmer just for reading her posts. :-)

Insha'Allah if ya'll feel a little crafty, check out her blog and try your hand at some of them. I am intending to and I'll post my results here. :-)

3. I bought Aaminah a Nintendo DSi. Yeah, I know. She is little masha'allah, not yet 3, and this is not something I ever did for my boys for sure. Well yeah coulnd't afford it :-P but also I don't advocate video games, incessant tv watching, connected 24/7 to an ipod, etc.

That said, her stepbrother Yousef received one as a gift. He was..... less than generous with it and Aaminah usually bore the brunt of his stinginess. (He can be very sweet with her in other regards at times but he was the baby of the family before we came and unfortunately continues in some of those behaviors.) I just got a little tired of all the "You can't touch it, Aaminah!" or him accusing her of losing a stylus, breaking it, etc.

I looked and looked on eBay and finally found a used one at a price I could stomach. I found her a few cute little games and I let her play it a few times a day. She enjoys it and she plays educational games (although at this age, everything she does she learns from!). Of course she really enjoys it and reallllly enjoys the sense of ownership. :-D "This is my DS!".

Masha'Allah she is a very grateful little girl, we talk about how Allah doesn't like us to be greedy and we discuss ways to cut back on our greed. For instance, by donating her clothes and toys she no longer plays with or has outgrown, she knows she can help another little girl who is less fortunate. We also discuss how we can buy less and do not have to have everything we want.

For example, we were at Target the other day and she saw a little toy she loved! I let her see it and hold it but reminded her that Allah doesn't like us to be greedy and we have enough toys. She said, "OK Mama, I just want to hold it for a minute." Masha'allah she put it right back and was content. I think this is a great lesson to pass on to our children AND for us to remember ourselves!

4. We are still discussing the potential move to Tunis. I am partially excited and partially apprehensive/pensive about it. Insha'Allah He will give me peace. Amin.

5. My youngest, Alex, will be coming up for a visit the first week of June insha'Allah. I am so excited! I cannot wait to see him and have him here, just for me and Aaminah to enjoy! He can stay for about 10 days; he is going on a mission trip to Guatamala mid-June and I have to get him back in time to pack/get ready. Zack was going to try and come also but he is literally busy the entire summer! Between summer camps (he counsels), his mission trip, orientation for college, and much much more, he's all set. :-( Insha'allah I'll see him soon but my heart is sad.

Oh right, I forgot, big surprise here but I was sick also, spent a night in the hospital but alhamdulillah my fever abated and I was able to come home. My energy is really flagging here recently and I've lost my cooking mojo again. Poor A; the kids don't mind so much but I am sure A is tired of uninspired meals, although he would never complain to me masha'allah. I really have so much to be thankful for; my husband is so supportive and very sweet/romantic in his Arab way. :-) He never complains or insists and is truly grateful for anything I do for him. Alhamdulillah. :-)

Ma salaama ya'll!


HijabiMommy said...

Good to hear from you, Sis! You sure have had a lot on your plate. Hope everyone feels better soon, Insha'allah!

I totally agree with you about the whole crafty thing. I've been feeling like that myself. With all these inspiring people/blogs out there, it makes you want to run to the craft store and get busy!

And sis, can I just say that Masha'allah, I am blown away at your daughter's wise spirit. Masha'allah!! Can my girls hang out with her for a day??! LOL. And your boys, too, sound like great young people, Masha'allah.

Kaighla said...

Mashallah. I love your little updates.
But, I have a question: when you say they are going on "mission trips", what do you mean? Surely not the kind I went on where the objective, on the outside, was to do philanthropic work, but our inner desires and intentions were calling people to Christianity. Cuz that would be awkward for you!

Umm Aaminah said...

HijabiMommy, thanks for the comment! I am proud of all my children; they all have a pretty good sense of social justice and charity masha'Allah. :-)

Kaighla, I am sure it is exactly that type of mission work but it isn't awkward for me at all. I don't help them go as it would be against my religious conscience. However, this is their chosen religion and I would do the same myself. I cannot expect them to want to do otherwise.

That said, their church is verrrrry laidback on the "crammin' Jesus down people's throats" isn't really the way they roll. :-) They generally just do good work but let it be known they do it in Jesus' name.

I also think this is why Muslims need to step up to the plate and stop letting all the other religions do the philanthropic work. For example, Catholics became accepted in this country because they opened hospitals and homes for orphans and cared for the poor. If we as Muslims could get to that level, where we were in the time of the sahaba masha'Allah, what a better place this world would be!

Kaighla said...

Yes, I agree with you 200%. Seriously. It is RIDICULOUS how Islam has become known for killing when it was known for feeding and helping the poor. I miss that so much about being a Chrstian, God knows. I miss now having to convince people that we should help others. Even my husband seems to think we should focus only on helping other Muslims...

Halima said...

I agree with you about Muslims doing more philanthropic work in the West, and not just for other Muslims! Of course, we don't have the numbers or the money that the Catholic Church has, but I still think we should do more socially for others.

Shadia said...

Salam alaykum sis, I hope you're feeling good and got your cooking mojo back! I usually wouldn't buy my kids a nintendo either, but you're being totally fair to Amina because her brother has one and it's nice of you to think of her and get her one too. I hope I can teach my daughter the same morals next time we go shopping! But alhamdullah I'm lucky she doesn't complain when I tell her I can't buy her something. I'm going to check out that blog, I like Japanese culture and I feel sorry for them having to cope with the aftermath of that devastating tsunami. But they did so well. Gotta give it to them, robbing and looting wasn't widespread but helping each other was. Good to hear that your son is coming to see you. I always wish that this Ummah could get it together and do more missionary work. I wish I had the resources to start a Muslim Youth Club. May Allah guide us and help us to get up and working for the sake of Allah!

Shadia said...

By the way I love that pic!! I wish I could pinch those chubby cheeks. :) If you're planning on moving to Tunis, we definitely gotta chat. I've lived not so far away, in Morocco. Are you on fb? Let me know. :)