May 7, 2011

And the winners are...

A'salaamu alaikum. It's been a (hectic) week since I announced the first-ever "Ummi of Aami" blog contest.

A whoppin' TWO people responded. LOL Yep, you read it right, two! So I've decided to be oh-so-generous and give prizes to both of my readers.

I take it that either a) the prizes I offered were too cheap or b) no one could understand the rules. Anyway if you are one of the winners please contact me with your choice of prize and your mailing address. You may send me a comment here, which I will NOT post or you may send a message to me via my blogger profile.

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!!


Mona Z said...

Hey does that mean I won? I think it does?! If so, Awesome! Don't feel bad, It's good news for me. If so, I don't trust the Egypt Post and it will probably be $$ to send it here, Can you send it to my mom/aunt in NJ? I love the mirror. I'll try to find your email addy... :)

Lanea said...

i havent been reading my post lately as iv been very busy but alhamduliah to the winners xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mashallah

Umm Aaminah said...

Ahhhh sorry sis!!!!! I kept it open for a week cause I wanted to give everyone a chance to enter.

Insha'allah next time you can enter!!!!! Love you fi sabilallah!

jana z. said...

awww sis im sorry, i think i just missed it somehow!!! i would have loved the little lanyard for my i.d. badge!!! maybe next time inshallah!!

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

Ohhhhhhh I've misses this.Me sooooo disapointed.I would have loved to have a cute little sarubobo :(
I gotta be the winner of the next contest InshALLAH :)