May 26, 2011

Just some weird, random things...

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I felt like it was time for a more light-hearted post. :-) All work and no play makes Umm Aaminah a dull girl.

I realized today I have a "thing" about sinks and it got me to thinking about what other weird (or not so weird!) hang-ups I have. Depending on how genteel you are, this post might not be up your alley. Fair warning and all. :-D

Let's jump in, shall we?

Clean it! Clean it! For the love of Pete, just clean it!!!!

1. I realized the other day that sinks (kitchen and bathroom) gross me out. Maybe it's because of the little cracks and crevices that get so dirty. It doesn't matter if you clean it daily, there is always some gunk there. Totally disgusts me. Aaminah will share this phobia of sinks because I always tell her, "Don't let your hands (or feet) touch the bottom of the sink!".  I clean them, I just think they are gross.

2. Another thing that grosses me out is when someone gets water to drink/use for cooking from the sprayer. I saw a friend do that once and I was like, whaaaaat? Once again, I clean it but it just seems so suspicious; it stays damp/moist and is in the kitchen which tends to be warm. Ewwwwwwww...

If this is in your home, I cannot be there. :-)

3. Fake berry smells (like airfresheners, etc) give me a headache. I only like light, clean, citrus-y scents.

4. I think this is universal but... Aaminah's tears/snot/poop/pee doesn't phase me. At. All. But anyone else's is quite possibly the nastiest thing I can imagine and I don't want near it. lol

5. If I get one bite of meat with a gristly/chew-y piece, stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Example of an indented couch button. :-)

6. Once, when I was about 5, I was entranced by the way the leather of our couch puckered around the button. You know, it kinda makes an indentation around it with gathers? Anyway, I put my mouth on it and sucked. Bits of dust, crumbs and other "couch debris" swooshed into my mouth. One of my grossest memories.

I used to have a basset hound; the sweetest lil thing!

7. I love the smell of puppy breath and the way their paws smell like corn chips. Shameful, but true. :-) I only included this in the list because it's probably gross to some of you!

8. I absolutely abhor seeing a man with long fingernails. It just makes me get the shivers and NOT the good kind.
9. Before my transplant, I used to get sick to my stomach a lot. If I was someplace with older plumbing and a toilet with some of the enamel worn off I couldn't use it. I would go outside instead.
10. "Grody" grout is what really gets me nauseated. You know, when the grout gets all stained from mildew and is half-peeling off?   If you don't know the definition of the word grody you were not a teenager in the 80s and I can't help you. :-D

I have to stop cause I'm making my skin crawl. What things like this make you unhappy?


Halima said...

Well, I get you Sis- I have a highly developed sense of cleanliness and hygiene as well. Nothing wrong with that, that's what makes us ladies, hehe!
But, sorry, I can't stand dogs. I'm a cat person, I'm afraid. Maybe it's because cats are clean too, and dogs, well... aren't!

Muslim Convert said...

ooooh that sink, lol that would drive me nuts, the thing that gets me though is mould. We live in a area that is always moist, so mould is common here and it really creeps me out.

Kaighla said...

Most of this list makes me gag too!

Bonnie said...

This post made me laugh and laugh. I hate plugs too but not touching them, I hate putting my hand in and pulling out the food and stuff that gets caught in there. Another weird thing that grosses me out is when people use their own towel without washing it between uses (99% of people of course do it and I know I am the weird one) But when I think that one day you may use it dry your errrr private areas and the next day your face it makes me want to gag. I also hate seeing mens feet, I hate Sandals on men, both of my husbands had a pair that then mysteriously vanished, weird huh? ;)

Aaliyah said...

I can relate to some of these. Especially the long nails thing, I really hate it and especially with guys who have just one extremely long nail *vomits*.

I don't know why I re-read this blogpost three times :/ lol.

Umm Aaminah said...

Halima, awww you don't like the doggies? ;-) Seriously that was so much harder for me than any other aspect of converting to Islam; no more pet dogs.

MC, I so relate to the mold. Just gross and creepy. :-)

Kaighla, I seriously felt a little queasy writing it. lol

Bonnie, yep, you are a little weird. ;-) Just teasing. But honestly, I do re-use my towel but sometimes I get the same thought you do... maybe my days of re-using are over. :-D Oh and your men's feet thing is just funny. LOL

Aaliyah, I think you read it 3 times cause you like to be grossed out. LOL Honestly, I couldn't even post a pic of the nasty grout because by that point I just felt gross. LOL

HijabiMommy said...

Long fingernails {and toenails...eww ewww EWWWWW} on men TOTALLY gross me out, too.

I have a thing with public bathrooms...hate 'em...but in reality, they must be dealt with every once in a while. I am such a germophobe, I tie my abaya ends together and roll up my pants so they won't touch the floor. I tell my kids, "Don't touch the toilet!!! Rest your hands on your knees" when they use public toilets, flush the toilet with my foot, and yell, "Don't touch any part of that sink" when we're washing hands in said public restroom. Ugh.

AND, I use paper towels to hold open the restroom doors or kick them open so I don't have to touch them. In my defense, people are disgusting and I cannot fathom how someone who just used the bathroom can simply walk out the door without washing their hands. *barf*

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I once had someone say to me how gross it was to use your FOOT to flush the toilet. She said that puts more germs on it. I was like, wellll everyone should use their foot! :-))

Public restrooms with abayas/pants just get me!!! Ewwwww. If it is a totally closed restroom I actually remove my abaya. Yep, I do. Especially when I have to give a urine sample (monthly deal for me) at the doctor office. No way can I handle all that plus my abaya. lol

I love the restrooms with the baby minder seat but if ya got more than one, it's not too helpful. :-)

Aishah said...

My DH has a thing about towels too, he reuses the same towel for a couple days, but he refuses to use the "body" towel on his face. We keep a separate smaller towel just for faces.

Umm Aaminah said...

Aishah, that's a great idea, the separate towel for a face. We have hand towels in the bathroom but since I use it to wipe up the water from wudu (are ALL men messy with it???) I refuse to use it for my hands or face. :-D I use one of my bath towels instead.

jana z. said...

this was a cute post and i laughed through much of it!! i too love the smell of pup breath and even their corn chip feet. lol i thought my family was the only family that thought dogs feet smelled like corn chips!!

men with long nails is disgusting!! and if theyre dirty? oh god, they have no chance for even a decent conversation cuz im just too grossed out. long fingernails remind me of dracula.

well, being a nurse...i guess i can deal with almost eveyones snot, vomit, blood, poop but i hate URINE!! if is splatters on me at work? im DONE.

im the same with biting into anything foreign in food. im finished. i dont care what anyone tells me it is or is supposed to be. im finished totally. dont even want a replacement

lol your story about the button on the couch was kinda gross but it reminded me of the time when i was about 3 or 4 and one of my siblings had left a glass of milk on the kitchen table. it had a fly in it and i intentionally drank it just so i could swallow the fly loool.

by the way, i cant remember if i told you that i did receive my prize. if i didnt, thank you so much. was fun getting it and my 8 year old was totally jealous!!!

Umm Aaminah said...

Jana, I'm so glad someone else can relate to the puppy breath/feet thing. I was pretty sure with a Muslim audience I wouldn't have too many. ;-)

Alhamdulillah you got your lanyard. Awwww I wish I would have thought about your little girl and put something in it for her! It's just fun to get something in the mail. Why I love ebay. lol