August 5, 2011

30 days of iftars: #4 &5

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So night #4 was a fail. I made lentil soup, addis abba, but of course with my own spin. I've made it like this before, especially last Ramadhan. I used chicken, carrots, onion (we ran out of garlic!), red lentils, and celery. So kinda like a chicken soup with lentils but always turns out nicely.

This time I used too much chicken and it just had a funky chicken smell. I can't stand that! I tried putting lemon juice in it but to no avail. Really it's best made with bone-in chicken not boneless breasts which I used. At any rate, the family ate it but I didn't. I have a thing about meat and meat smells now and it's just really hard for me to stomach them. It's a kidney thang, I guess.

Anyway we had the soup, salad (a staple) plus leftover samosas, reheated in the oven. The kids ate some leftover cheesecake as well. I nibbled at a samosas and had some olives, another "condiment" on our table. :-)

I haven't been feeling well today; I had planned to make the shorba I've shown on here before, yummy with lots of veggies and beef cubes. Alas my body isn't co-operating so that's not in the cards. I drug myself to the store to get the tomato paste and then by the time I got home, I was waaay too tired to cook.

So A hauled himself and the bigger kiddos to the masjid for iftar; Aaminah and I indulged in a very gourmet repast of frozen cheese pizza. Here we sit now, Aaminah watching "Lady and the Tramp" and mama resting, finishing her blog post.

Qur'an update:

I've worked on my surah (114 An-nas) and have made great progress. Except... I am so shy to say it out loud while practicing. I always have an audience and, as everyone else in the house has a native Aarbic accent, it does make me shy. I know this is my issue but there you have it. I want to have the surah completed before this time next week. I know it's plenty of time just the practice issue. Insha'allah it will work out. :-)

Ma salaama ya'll


Jennifer said...

essalam alaikum sis, ramadan mubarak! try cumin, that always kills the chicken or eggs smell =D

Asma Khan said...

Nice to read about you....

Aishah said...

Chicken here always has a different smell, a lot of the time when we cooking it one of the first things we do is give it a quick shallow fry with ginger and garlic. Or after making the sauce part of the dish(onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, spicies) and adding the chicken we fry it in the sauce for 5 minutes before adding the water. Helps to get rid of the "meaty smell", which I can't stand.

MashAllah on your progress! I really like the way it rhymes, made it much easier to learn. I am working on Al Ma'un, but I am a bit stuck.