September 10, 2012

Cute li'l things

Salaam ya'll. So I'm tired of talking about my illness. It's consumed a lot of my time and I'm ready (as I'm feeling a bit stronger) to move onto brighter things. :-)

Ya'll know I'm woman on a budget, I like bargain shopping and I encourage it. It's just responsible and good for all concerned. Reduce, re-use, recycle. :-) So I was at a local neighborhood sale looking for some winter clothes for Aaminah. She's grown so much m'A, she's a size 5-6 now. :-) While there, I spied this cute little purse. It looked brand-new and I got it for a song. :-)  Well, $5.00 but still...

I love the soft muted metallic purple, It goes well with many colors. I am the person that always switches out my purse to match my outfit so this makes it easier!
I really love the chain detail, look here:

I don't really buy much for myself, on a super-tight budget alhamdulillah. But I will ocassionally splurge and at $5, I don't even feel guilty. :)

I also like to be prepared. I am the mom that always has a change of clothes for my daughter even though she's 4. It's just easier that way. So I found a little manicure set, brand-new, but was only $4. It seems you always need something like that when your out, plus even at home those little things like tweezers and files gets misplaced. Now I have them all in one cute little package. :-)

At first I thought it was a little credit card case...

but then opened it up to find these. :-) And everything still had plastic on it so I know it's new and no nasty fungi clinging to them i'A. :-)
I then packed a little change purse I found in Aaminah's toys and put some eyeglass cleaning packs in it (she wears glasses now!) along with a few safety pins, ponytail holders. lip balm and hair clips. The things we always need if we are out and she has a bad hair day or she is eating. (I hate for hair to drop in the food!!!!)

This is the change-purse I re-purposed from Little Miss

And here is what we carry in it. :-)
I also keep a little packet of tissues and found this pretty one for $.50 on clearance. And lastly is the little leopard-print compact mirror I got 2 years ago in MA for $.97, also on clearance.

Aaminah has one also, she is a crazy cat girl!

Too bad they didn't have purple, would have been all matchy-matchy. :)
OK so there is just a bit of fluff for you.  :) Enjoy...  Ma salaama!


Karima said...

Wow so many bargains! I love bargain hunting - rarely buy anything new now!

Melissa said...

Cute stuff! I love the color of the bag!

Mona Z said...

Cute :) I love to have all those just in case things too. I also have the same mirror courtesy of you! :)