November 9, 2013

Allahu akbar!!! Yes! Score! Woo hoo! :)

Salaam ya'll! Can you guess? Do you know? Have you EVER read my blog??? Yes you are right, Cap'n has his approval!!! Subhanallah, alhamdulillah, wa Allahu akbar! It's been a LOOOOONG two years and not without its bumps.

*Being apart

*Being sick and hospitalized and in treatment

*Being a single parent

*Being sad and lonely but reallllly trying to stay positive and trust in the mercy of Allah swt

And then the topper... he was denied. Temporarily, on his interview Nov. 1st. We were devastated. Gutted. I mean, how, why, What???? It turns out our application was awesome, he had a great interviewer who totally understood we were in love, we were in a real relationship...

But India. Oh India, you came back to bite me in the butt. :( They had an issue with my divorce paper from Mumbai. From 2009. Seriously??? Because at this point, we had turned in that SAME paper to the USCIS twice and ti has been accepted. They considered me divorced for purpose of remarriage so I thought we were all set. How could THAT be a problem?

It went to the embassy and someone there said, Huh, this doesn't look like a standard divorce decree. Well, its not. It's from India, the land of twisted bureaucracy and inept officials. Come on now, you all know it's true. Our divorce was officiated by a Qazi, the head Qazi in Mumbai. He had letterhead, for Pete's sake! And a stamp, there was a stamp! You don't get more official than that in India.

So I sent an email. Then another one. I quoted the State Department website which said they accept foreign divorces. Oh the wating was so hard! A week of tears and prayers, trying to stay strong and make plans "just in case". Alhamdulillah our steadfastness has paid off!

He got a call yesterday to come back and bring his passport! Oh yes, thank you Allah! I cried, all I could say was "Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar!" over and over. It's been a long time and we have been patient. We have kept ourselves pure for one another. We have trusted in Allah and He as NOT failed us. He never does. We plan and Allah plans and He is the BEST of planners.

Has it been a long journey? Yes. Has it been hard? Definitely. Has it been worth it? A 1,000 times over! It's hard to find osmeone you love so much and are so well matched with. I am grateful the waiting is almost over.

Please, remember to keep us in your duaa. iA Cap'n should be here by December. :)


amatullaah said...

Assalaamu Alaykum Sister

Maa shaa Allaah tabarakAllaah, Alhamdulillaah - very good news! May Allaah, bless you all, aameen.

Anonymous said...

Wooooow mashaaAllah mubrooook so exciting!!!

Kate said...

Assalaamu alaikum...

Mashallah... I'm SO very happy for you... inshallah this will be the start of more blessings bi'idhnillah...


Asmaa Umm Hamza said...

As-Salamu akaikum sister,
MashaAllah and Mabrook that is fantastic news! So happy for you ukhti.

HijabiMommy said...

Masha'Allah that is great news. And that picture goes so well with this post! :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

MashaAllah alhamdulilah:))))))))

Anonymous said...

Im so happy for you. May Allah give u both health eeman n happiness in one another till u reach paradise safely :))

Rebecca Elsherif said...

salam alaikom!
I followed the link to your blog from VJ. You were so kind in my thread. Verily there is hardship after ease, and though the pain of separation and single parenting has been intense there are so many things I know, and I'm sure some things I don't know as to why Allah had long AP in store for me. May Allah continue to bless your family immensely and reunite you all soon!

Umm Aaminah said...

Thanks ya'll! I'm so happy and excited! :)