September 15, 2016

Haterz 'n debaterz, please read:

Salaam ya'll! I just saw my old post where someone criticized me thinking I was saying I only loved Aaminah. So let's clear one thing up in this Trump-riddled, xenophobic world we find ourselves inhabiting:


I don't care if you like me. I don't care if you hate Muslims. I don't care if you think my crafts are horrible and my recipes crap. I just don't. I'm in a zen-like place called "Being a Grown Up" and your hate and vitriol do not concern me.

So post your typed refuse if you must but know I will delete it without reading it. Yes, I have that gift. A super-power, if you will. I can read things, see where it's heading and quietly hit "delete". So you won't get any "air" time here on my blog and you won't get any head-time in my brain. Just letting you know it's a futile, futile path you are traveling that will literally take you no where.

Carry on! :D

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Anonymous said...

WA alaikum salaamwrwb
Alhamdhulillah u r back