September 25, 2016

Still here!

Salaam ya'll! It's been a tough week. My health, while pretty stable and really good for and end stage renal failure patient, still has its ups and downs. This week was a down; I had a really bad case of vertigo and felt super dizzy pretty much all week. I am just now getting up to snuff and I have a lot to tell ya'll about! Oh nothing earth-shattering just those little photo ops that go great on the blog. :)

Let's see...Oh I did a few crafts recently! I wanted to attempt hand-sewing again. Which basically means small little projects that are easy to finish. My favorite! ;) Here is a pot holder I made for Cap'n's morning coffee:

Oh you might notice mess in the backgrounds of my pics now. That's because I don't care! Crafting (and life!) is messy sometimes and I refuse to sanitize it. So there! :p I hand-sewed this and stuffed it with batting then hand-placed the French knots in a type of quilting. I'm just starting out again but I was happy I managed to hide my seam!

Then I decided to make a pan handle cover for my cast iron skillets. If you have one you know they get BLAZING hot! I had some fabric leftover from previous projects and a skirt I bought at Goodwill for $1 to use for the material so it cost me nothing out of pocket. It was a bit of a process and turning it inside out was the hardest! You can Google tutorials so I'm not gonna do that step-by-step stuff but here is my finished project:

The colors really look good with my curtains and door and semi-painted brick fireplace. :) We don't do perfection here, we just go for learning and growing.

Oh and I have some Eid pics! A lovely family in our community hosts a picnic type celebration after salaat and we are always invited ma shaa Allah. :) Her food is legendary and the decorations are fabulous! She has Arabic and Desi drums playing, bounce houses and candy table for the kids; it's really fun every year. Here are a few of the pics:

Li'l Miss and her friend

Macarons, cookies, and sweets oh my!

Pakoras! Some of the best I've ever eaten! And some little pinwheel canapes that have mustard seed on them; they are addictive ya'll!
So it was kind of a low-key Eid except for the picnic but I enjoyed that so much I'm not complaining! Aaminah went with her friend to spend the night in their 4 story mansion (I kid you not!) complete with indoor swimming pool and elevator! Ma shaa Allah blessings on her parents; they are lovely people and I am not in any way jealous just amazed by their new home. :)

I start work this week at (from home). Like I said, I've done it before so it's kind of old-hat but I'm excited to be earning money for our family again. We have been in a bit of slump since buying the house and I'm looking forward to digging our way back out! AND then getting some work done on our home. :)

Ma salaama ya'll!

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