June 7, 2010

Dear Anon

A'salaamu alaiku ya'll. This is to "anonymous" who left a comment under my "I won, I won" post. I did post your comment to my blog. :-) I posted it when I received notification through my email. There are now 5 comments I believe there; you can follow the chain of comments to see that 2 of yours have been posted.

I am not a scholar and I do not like to give opinions on things I do not know. However, in Islam we are encouraged to use our minds and to reason. We are not allowed to speak in a derogatory manner about any of the prophets or messengers of Allah. I know there are many muslim MAJORITY countries but no true Islamic countries. My husband is from Tunis which is considered a Muslim country and yet women are not permitted to wear hijab to university or work and men who pray in the masjid are suspect by the government as being "subversives".

Sorry I don't really have a point with that except to say that anything good and perfect and right is from Allah swt, the Creator and Sustainer of the worlds, and anything wrong or weak or incorrect is from ourselves and our base desires. We, the creation, take the perfect plan laid down for us by our Creator and we change it to suit our own agendas. May Allah have mercy on us all ameen.

I would also like to thank you for your kind tone and your non-confrontational manner; I am not one who seeks out or even enjoys debates but there are times when my conscience tells me I should say something.

And with Allah (GOD) lies all success.


Miss K said...

Masha'Allah well said; I couldn't agree with you more.

Umm Aaminah said...

Thanks sis! Oh btw my middle name is "Kaye". You won't believe how many times I get asked, what is your middle name and when I say "Kaye" they think I am saying just my initial. lol

Ma salaama!

Miss K said...

My first name starts with the letter "K" and so I blog under it. True, if you said your second name was Kaye I would probably think you meant the initial K too lol...