June 4, 2010

I won! I won!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I won, masha'allah! No, not the haram lottery but a book give-away on Umm an-Numan's awesome site "A Muslim Child is Born" . I've talked about it on here before because I get such great ideas from her, may Allah bless her and grant her and her family paradise, ameen.

I am really excited to receive my book and I can't wait to read it with little Aami mommy. She is truly a reading hound which is great by me. Today I was reading a book titled "Under the Wire" which is a US Army soldier's account of his experiences serving as a linguistics officer at Guantanamo Bay. The book jacket said he was really amazed by the things he saw which basically went against every principle the US was founded upon. You know, all that stuff about freedom, equal protection under the law, innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of LAW? Yeah all those little annoyances Pres. Bush ignored and bypassed. Now it seems Pres. Obama is heading the same path. May Allah guide him, ameen.

OK sorry didn't mean to get sidetracked there. Anyway, as I was reading and Aaminah was playing she climbed up beside me on the couch with her "Pat Them Gently" book Khaltu Lisa gave her last 'Eid. Then she brought "Pat the Bunny" which is a cute little multi-sensory book she enjoys.

Actually her attentions span goes to books that are designed for older ages; I'll do her monster book next time I do a review insha'allah. It's super cute!

OK so I am excited to get my free book and will let ya'll know just how sweet it is!

Ma salaama!


Miss K said...

Masha'Allah sis, congratulation!!!

Anonymous said...

In your sidetrack you failed to mention a few things. First of all how Guantanamo Bay has been run like a Madrassa for the last five years where prisoners get to keep all their religious freedoms, the soldiers have to serve them their food and give them their Qu'rans with gloves so they're not offended by an "infidel" touching any of their religious material, Jihadists INCLUDING Khalid Sheik Muhammad (ya know the 911 mastermind!!!) even got to use laptops, not to mention that over 70 of the hundreds of prisoners released have gone back to fighting for Al-Qaeda!
I'm sorry but terrorist groups don't apply under civilian rules of justice but under military. In fact in most of the world and even America just 50 years ago they would have been hung or shot as spies after a military trial.
What is disgusting is that terrorists are given MORE freedoms in Guantanamo then the over 250 MILLION Christians being tortured, killed and held in jail under Sharia Law. Christians can't even rebuild a church without written permission from high up government officials in Muslim lands let alone are given a Bible while in jail. Of course if you want to overlook the plight of hundreds of millions of Christians and Jews forced to live in Dhimmi Status under Sharia Law where they have NO guaranteed rights while boohooing that "terrorists" are forced to answer questions then be my guest. Just don't bash Bush for not treating terrorism as a "civil issue".

Umm Aaminah said...

You fail to mention that the Muslims being held as "foreign combatants" have not been charged after being held for over 8 years. Subhanallah.

As to the situation of Christians overseas, are you implying they are merely jailed for their religion or because they have actually committed crimes for which they were tried and convicted? Shariah is a valid system of law and if anyone, Christian or Muslim, disagrees with it they are free to move from that country.

Anonymous said...

Mabrook! on the comments from the right wing islamophobic nutcase. That's quite the accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

I find it sad but not surprising that you didn't allow my post to go up. Of course if I'd said what I wrote out loud in a Muslim country that again would be grounds to have me arrested, tortured and executed as a blasphemer and traitor to the State. Again it is your blog and I do respect you as a person. I'm not the same person who posted last month who attacked Muslim women personally. But it is true that under Sharia Law there is no Freedom of Speech. If a religion is so thin skinned and is unable to take open and honest questions about Theology and the makeup of God without considering it blasphemy and worthy of death, then it has something to hide. True Christianity CONDEMNS using the State to force and coerce conversions. Islam does. Also I understand you might not want to get into a "debate" about your religion but if one is unable to defend what they believe and why then maybe what they believe is wrong. a Christian is supposed to always be ready to give a defense of the hope that is in them. Many do not nor are they even real Christians. The same as the heretical Gnostics and Nestorians who Muhammad met in Arabia since there were no true orthodox Christians or even a New Testament in Arabia in the 600's.

jana z. said...

it never fails to amaze me that people continue to hide behind "anonymous" titles. if youre so outspoken dont be afraid to let the world know who you are in your full glory.

the thing is, they know they are being hateful and they dont want others to know that they had a dark heart.

so anonymous ye shall remain....hurrah!!

Anonymous said...

jana z I am anonymous because I don't have a google account. It is a shame that instead of actually refuting my facts, you make me out to be "hateful". Yes I am "hateful" to a religious set of laws that calls for the death penalty apostates and those who ever question ANYTHING about Islam or Muhammad. I dare you to deny the sad stories of all the Muslim apostates who have had to flee from Muslim lands, lost their possessions, all of their family and yes do have to become ANONYMOUS because they continue to fear for their life. When you quit being a Muslim under Sharia Law you lose your guarantee to ANY rights. Jana tell me on here that being a Dhimmi in a Muslim country is no different than being a Muslim. Dhimmi's are Second Class citizens. THAT'S A FACT!
My religion isn't the one who picks up the sword and uses the State to force itself on the kuffar.