July 19, 2011

Annoyed with blogger

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. It's been realllly quiet here in blog-land lately. I guess a lot of vacations, etc. BTW, I hate the word "vacay". Nothing personal, it just annoys me. Sounds like a lazy "vacate". :-)

So I tried unsuccessful for a loooong time (longer than I want to admit!) to upload a video of Aaminah with her step-sibling and Alex. Unfortunately either blogger wasn't cooperating or maybe my connection was slow for some reason.

Anyway they didn't get loaded after trying for a couple of days, then I just got annoyed and said, "Whatev!"

So here instead, for your viewing pleasure, are some pics of little Miss Aaminah and her brother. I am sure there might be some others thrown in; really it's just a grab-bag of photos today.

Enjoy and I promise I'll get out of this literary slump and write something almost worth reading. :-)

The look of pure joy from having 4 older siblings to play with you!

I couldn't get ALL of them to look cute at once; I figured Aaminah has the most lee-way to look bad in a pic! lol

Alex sportin' Yousef's jacket. A few sizes too small!

Being gooby at Wal-Mart. :-)

I went to an Indian restaurant with Sr.Lisa and Aliyah. It was AWESOME. She loved it masha'Allah!

The end result. She even picked food up with her naan!

OK so I feel like I've at least posted something. :-) Ma salaama ya'll...


Mona Z said...

Beautiful kids, mashaAllah! You're making me hungry, girl!

janice said...

Alex is quiet handsome, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Also, Yousef looks a bit shy. Was he better behaved while your son was visiting? Maybe he feels dominated by all the estrogen in the home that makes him act out with a less than stellar attitude.

Umm Aaminah said...

Thanks Mona and I fully intend to go back to India Cafe. The palak paneer was awesome!

Janice thank you for your compliment. You know, my stepkids all behaved pretty good when we have guests. Yousef really can be sweet but it's the other 99% of the time... :-)

His mother left when he was very little and she isn't a stable influence. I think that is part of his problem, he doesn't respect women because of that. Somedays are better than others and I just ask Allah to help me be a better stepmom.

simy said...

Asalamualaykum honey

may Allah reward you for all your hard work as a mum an step mum mashaAllah,looking at these pics made me smile x keep it up sis, i pray Allah makes this easy and full or blessing for you and your beautiful family aameen xx

also i feel like im watchin ur lil daughter grow just from following the blog!shes grown so much from the first pics u posted mashaAllah :-)

jzk for taking the time out to post.
simy :-)

jana z. said...

salam friend!! bout time you posted some pics lol. mashallah your kids are beautiful. alex is a handsome young man...make him BEHAVE!!!

p.s. i hate convo too for conversation.

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

MashALLAH it seems like it was a lot of fun to have Alex around :)
He seems to love his younger sister so much!And their setep sibling seemed really happy to have him around as well.
Ameen to your dua!InshALLAH with time things will be better between you and your stepchildren.I guess it takes time to handle children who have grown up without you.I'm sure you'll get to be the most fantastic step mom ever InshALLAH!
Lot of love

LostFan said...

Aaminah is one gorgeous girl, mashallah. Is her biological father South Asian? Just wondering where the olive skin came from :-).

Umm Aaminah said...

Thanks ya'll for all the sweet comments. I do love my babies. :-)

LostFan, yep Aaminah's Abu is Indian. Good eye!