August 17, 2009

*Neat* Ramadhan craft

NOTE: As this is something that goes outside we chose to use the word "God" instead of the beautiful name Allah out of respect.

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! Our local Muslim Girl Scout troop made these last Ramadhan. They were really cute and super easy. Our troop varied from 5 to 12 years of age so we really had to work at finding projects that could span that age range insha'allah.

You need a wreath form (we liked the grapevine wreaths), spray paint, ribbon, small wooden stars and cresent moons, co-ordinating paints, wooden banner, metallic marker, foam cut outs, and of course scissors and glue.

We painted the wreaths first. We chose a silver & blue color theme so we spray-painted the wreaths silver a few days before hand. The girls wrapped contrasting blue ribbon around their wreaths. Then the girls wrote out some key words about Ramadhan (we brainstormed this as a group masha'allah) and tied them to the wreath with ribbon.

We had some moon and star cut-outs as well as a banner cut out for the top of the wreath. We let the girls paint these as they liked (but due to interesting color choices we did limit what paints we put out!). lol

These wreaths were really nice when finished and we view it as a sort of dawah. Insha'allah when neighbors pass by my door and see this wreath, they will insha'Allah learn just a little bit more about Islam. It is also really nice to do a "Five pillars of Islam" wreath which can stay out year round of course.

As the co-leader I am always busy helping the girls masha'allah. Therefore my wreath didn't turn out as nice. :-) Hazard of the job. Plus when I moved last year I obviously lost my "Ramadhan" banner. I'll have to fix this before I put it on my door but at least you get the basic idea.


Umm Aaminah

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