August 21, 2009

Ramadan Mubarak and sicky icky baby girl

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll and a great big southern Ramadan Mubarak! Now can't you just imagine how that sounds in my accent? :-)

I have a list of things (internal) I want to work on this Ramadan:

1. Praying each salaah as soon as it is called. Sometimes with Aami (or other less important reasons) I get sidetracked. The shaitaan would like nothing more than to make us leave off our prayers! Alhamdulillah the shaitaan are shackled during Ramadan so insha'allah may we be successful in all our personal endeavors.

2. Work on Arabic everyday. Whether it's listening AND practicing my pronounciation or working on writing and recognizing the letters, at least 15 minutes.

3. Learn one new Surah. I think I will learn Surat-an-Nas insha'Allah.

4. Try to read my English translation Qur'an in order to keep pace with Taraweeh. On the night I don't babysit (we have babysitting for Taraweeh at our masjid) insha'Allah I will read along

5. Eat only halal zabiha meat. Here in my city we only have one fresh meat grocer and its double what I pay at the grocer. I have read opinions by Shaikhs who say it's ok, say Bismillah, etc. but i know inside I feel guilty. Make dua that Allah makes this easy on me amin.

OK I don't wanna overload myself. I like to keep my goals doable because let's be honest, we still have our normal lives as well; work, cleaning house, cooking, caring for the children, etc.

Now to Aami. She is having a case of the yucky snotty nose which in turn is giving her a cough which is IN TURN making her gag and get sick. :-( So I've been cleaning up the floor alot the past few days. Now her little nose is raw and sore. I need to just use my hand and water to clean it, no more toilet paper.

I have my boys this weekend as well so I'll probably be a little too busy to log on. Insha'Allah I pray every one has a great start to their Ramadan!


Umm Aaminah


simy said...

awwh sis i didnt know it was so hard to get halal meat in parts of america. may Allah make it easy for you.

ive heard about the opinion where you can say bismillah and as far as i am aware it is a very weak opinion,if not incorrect. just avoid the meat or get subsitutes till you find a halal meat place.or if you have a big garden get your own chickens! you'll have peace of mind that they are treated well and your daughter will love it. although having to slaughter them might be hard...get your husband to do it!! xx

ma'aslama x

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis! Well since I did this post in 2009 I have made changes alhamdulillah. :-) We have 3 or 4 options for halal meat here in Massachusetts so it's no longer an issue.

My husband told me that wasn't a very strong opinion although a few sheikhs did say it was ok when in the west if no halal zabiha options were available. Alhamdulillah this isn't an issue for me anymore. :-)