December 14, 2009

Late night potsts= embarassing typos

*Who's a beautiful girl??? :-)*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Wellll I always like to re-read my posts and I was APPALLED at the number of errors I made last night! Granted it was 2:00 am I think when I wrote it but still... Let's see, I mistyped "rerepresentative"; that extra "re" really makes the word, right? haha And somehow "appropriate" became "approproiate". Wow. Next time, I guess I need to use spell-check to see what errors my flying fingers have made.

Really I can spell. lol

Oh and other news, my friend said Aaminah had a fever all night. :-( She is taking her daughter to school right now so I don't have any other info. As a mother I know she needs ME to take care of her. I don't mind missing my sleep all night to care for her, I don't mind if she vomits head to toe on me. OK well I don't like it but it's part and parcel, right?

My friends and my family are awesome. I am very blessed but they just ain't mama. Please make dua that she feels better soon. I feel very helpless being here in the hospital if she is sick in any way. :-( Miskeena Aaminah.

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PostMan said...

having the editor in browser helps :) like FireFox.

Take care.