December 20, 2009

Oh it's great to be me :-p

How incredibly cute! This is Aaminah at about 4 months of age masha'allah. How beautiful? Verrrrry!

€A'salaamu alaikum. Just gonna leave ya'll with a little tidbit about why "it's great to be me". :-)

As you know, I've spent too much time in the hospital lately, alhamdulillah. Anyway as a side effect of the antibiotics I was on, I now have thrush. Yeah I said it, thrush. The oral infection normally only suffered by babies. A yeast infection of the mouth. Oh the joy, the pure and utter joy of it. lol

It hurts, fyi. It's like having a caustic substance poured on your tongue and letting the top layer of taste buds peel off, one section at a time. Gross but accurate description.

Plus to all this? Yep, food loses all appeal and taste so maybe I'll shed a few pounds before my nikaah. Here's hoping! lol

Ma salaama,

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