April 11, 2012

Just some randomness

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. As normal, when I'm bored and uninspired I just put up some random bits 'n pieces. :-) So enjoy a few photos and captions.

$3 bucks each for cupcakey-goodness. Yeah, it was worth it. From City Cupcakes in Knoxville, TN. Yum!

Super-cool 30 foot high sculpture in the new part of the hospital. It's very beautiful.

Little Miss on my Mamaw's front porch. I've spent many hours of my life here; it's so beautiful and peaceful.

Some of my favorite "ethnic" ingredients: basmati rice, masoor dal, tomato paste and red pepper paste. I can make countless meals from these staples!

Meet BOBB (big ole bean bag). He is made from shredded memory foam and is comfy!These are really pricey but I found it on craigslist for $40. A $200 savings. :-) It unzips to make a full-sized mattress. I also bought BOBB II which is MASSIVE and has 2 queen size mattresses in it. Subhanallaha. :-)

Natural cleaner. White vinegar and citrus (orange) peels. Cleans like a charm!

Another craigslist find. Paid $55 for this uber-sleek Ikea tv stand. Nice.

I was there today. :-) For my CT-guided biopsy.

From latest issue of Food Network Cooking magazine. Love it! This is Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic ya'll) chicken. A nod to my Caribbean Cap'n. :-) Insha'Allah I'll make this soon and update ya'll.

One of our local playgrounds. Very nice and Aaminah is quite the fan.

Larger pic. I snapped this for Cap'n as he said his cute little country ;-) doesn't have public play areas. :-( So sad, we have miles of greenways even in our little mid-sized city.
Alright, hope ya'll enjoy our little picture time. Tired and gonna rest. :-)


Melissa said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures, that sculpture at the hospital looks really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum sister.
Enjoyed this post.. Nice one.

My dua's for your sound health.