March 11, 2012

Dua, please

My empty (unmade, ha!) bed or alternate title, where I should be parking my happy behind right now instead of behind my laptop. :-) Yeah, that. Praise Allah for private rooms!!!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So I'll be here until at least the end of next week (Friday) and quite possibly longer. 2 weeks in the hospital, 2 weeks away from Aaminah, my home, my job, my life. Alhamdulillah. My kidney is just not responding to the treatment (at all) and the doctors are hoping the 2 extra treatments of IV immunoglobulin and plasmapharesis will be effective. Ya Allah, amin!

Cap'n already had a visitor visa interview on Monday to come over and meet 'n greet my family and for us to meet in person. Especially now, me travelling for us to get married there is just not gonna happen. At least not for a while (if at all) and this is a huge strain on both of us. So we had already set up an interview for Monday. I had my doctor write a note which has been faxed, explaining the gravity of my health situation. "Stable but in very serious condition". I am sick, khalas, so I can at least hope to get a small benefit from it. If they approve his visitor visa application so he can come see his extremely sick fiancee, it will jump start this whole process.

As you probably know, until you meet in person, face to face, you cannot begin any immigration proceedings. Well we speak daily on the phone, text, email but we haven't met face-to-face. We intended to in January but his visitor visa was denied. :-( Alhamdulillah. So we made plans for me to travel to see him in February (put off bec of my job alhamdulillah which enables me to travel!) and then circumstances pushed it to March. OK now it's March and we had planned on his visitor visa interview and if denied, I would just immediately book a flight and go, get married, start our processing, and take it from there.

Can't happen now. I sincerely hope the interviewer at the consulate is cognizant of the fact I cannot travel and he has to come here in order for us to meet. Otherwise, especially if my kidney does not improve, I cannot travel. I'll be on dialysis or at least too ill to be away from standardized, affordable medical care.

So much is riding on him getting to come here. Such as, the start of our life together :) and me having a help-mate, a husband, a friend, a companion. Oh yeah, a husband. So please make dua for us that he is granted this visa. I have been making dua, asking Allah to please grant me shifa, protect my family and loved ones, and let Cap'n come. I would like to ask everyone reading this to please do the same and especially remember Aaminah in your dua. She is being taken EXCELLENT care of but she needs her mama.

Last night my sister brought her by to tell me goodnight. She saw me sitting in the waiting area (Oh how hard it was to walk downstairs, out of breath, no energy) but she saw me before I saw her and yelled, "Mama!" and came running and hugging and kissing. Wallah it's enough to break your heart. I am sure more than a few bystanders were touched as well by her poignant call. I know it made my heart skip a beat (or two).

Oh on a different front, hygiene. Hospital hygiene. Can you say non-existant?? Well for me it's very difficult. I have the in-dwelling vascular catheter in my upper thigh which goes straight into a main vein. So it's imperative to keep it dry and clean. No water can touch it, only sterile drapes and environment. :-( So baths and even showers are out. I tried the body wash clothes but for real, they smell like nasty baby wipes and it's just gross. I've done the "stand in an inch of hot water and wash off with a damp soapy cloth" but again, no real joy.

I also do not wear typical hospital clothes. I have my go-to outfit for the hospital. I wear wide, soft black pants, an underdress that is a big snug, and then an overshirt with long sleeves, past my knees. Topped off by no other than my black khimar, 24/7. Yes. So now I am reaching that stage where I need a change of clothes as well because I cannot stand to be unclean or immodest. I hate hospital gowns with a passion. Rough, scratchy, immodest... so I think I'll get a friend to pick up lounge-y clothes for me today at home, take this one and wash it and bring it back. It's cute, comfy, modest and makes me feel like less of a patient although I know very well that I am one. :-)

Wow, why am I up so early blogging?? Well doctors and nurses have to come in at all hours, I have lots of time to rest (typically) and that equals a blog post at 6:46 am. Keeping in mind the time changed today and it's really 5:46 am to my body and brain. :-)

Alright pretty sure I've moaned on long enough now. I have been keeping a headache, stiff neck, etc. and my go-to treatment (a bath) is a no-no now so I've been depending on tylenol. :-( I hate to take more meds, I'm on an enormous amount now. Actually I'll go over them with you so you can get a feel:

Prograf, new anti-rejection med*
Myfortic, anti-rejection med
MASSIVE doses of prednisone yay me. No not really except insha'Allah it will work!
Spironolactone, diuretic
Magnesium oxide*
Nexxium (for stomach pain)
IV Immunoglobulin (human antibodies ewwwww lol)*
Albumin (human protein ewwww lol) to replace plasma lost in exchange*
tylenol and bendaryl, pre-medication for the antibody treatment so only on those days*
IV blood pressure meds* secondary to the high steroids so i'A will go away after but time will tell
IV calcium (on plasmapharesis days)*
Intramuscular insulin (for my newly developed diabetes secondary to high steroid use so i'A temporary)*
Potassium citrate or chloride, depending on my blood chemistries
Sodium bicarb*
A one time dose of morphine which made me LOOPY and caused me to sing a response to my sister afterwards. I've stuck with percocet and tylenol since, thankyouverymuch*

Ok so all items * are new. Alhamdulillah for modern medicine and the knowledge Allah swt gives human to better our condition. Alhamdulillah for the gift of dua to beseech Allah to help us in our times of trouble.

Okey dokey, I think that's enough. My head is aching (surprise) and probably tap, tap, tapping away at the keyboard isn't the most conducive thing to helping it go away. A nice cuppa milky tea, however, would do the trick. I need tea!!!!!!!!! :-)

Please, just remember my family and I in your dua. Cap'n and the stress he is facing, Aaminah and her tender little heart, and yes, my transplanted buddy. :-) Keep us all in your prayers.

Ma salaama ya'll....


Kate said...

Assalaamu alaikum...

Inshallah things will improve soon and you can be back home and getting on with your life.
You seem to be facing things with such bravery mashallah

may Allah ta'ala bless you with perfect shifaa, keep your loved ones safe until you return to them and reward your patience for His sake, ameen..

Much love for the sake of Allah ta'ala


truth said...

Assalamu alaikum sister.
My Dua's from deep my heart for you,Aamina and the one who you love.


Bonnie said...

Salam alikum my dear

I'm so sorry you have to go through so much, but insha'Allah things will be looking up soon. You are in my prayers so much as well, I wrote your name in my hand so I wont forget ;)