March 10, 2012

The secret to my happiness, even in hard times

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Here is a little glimpse into how I stayed positive today:
My sister, the photographer/writer/mother/person extraordinnaire with Aaminah. She picked up Aaminah and took her out all day and even brought her to the hospital twice to see me. :-)
Left on my fridge by my sister, niece and niece (in law!) along with little Aaminah. They came and unpacked a lot of our stuff from Massachusetts. Masha'Allah! All while I am in the hospital, unable to help at all.

So there is a whole lot more but today, those 2 stood out. :-) The love my sister has for me and my daughter and just how caring my family is towards me. I feel as if I sometimes take them for granted or don't spend enough time with them. At times, due to the differences in our religions, it seems hard to make the family ties work. We love each other but view life from different perspectives and it can make it less than comfortable sometimes.

But we are family and we love each other. I am blessed. :-)

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