September 20, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags :)

Well, everything was for Li'l Miss. I looked for things for H but all the boys' stuff gets worn-out. :)
Salaam ya'll! Thrift shoppin' Mama strikes again! We have a local consignment sale here in Knoxville, TN, the Westwood Children's Consignment Sale (this is their fb page) and it's awesome! Local moms (and dads, who knows, maybe even aunts and uncles or grandmas!) gather up all their no-longer-used goods, clean 'em, tag 'em and iA sell them at this bi-yearly event. I always look forward to it. :)
I've done this sale since Aaminah was a wee little lass and it never really disappoints. This year alhamdulillah, due to the kindness and shopping addiction of my cousin, I really didn't need to stock up for Aaminah. She gave us all of her beautiful daughter's outgrown clothes and they were extra-cute! However, I have a weakness for athletic-looking apparel and denim, so the little outfit was a must. :)
I got that cute little outfit, jeans and t-shirt, for only $4! Yes and the shirt is embroidered. It doesn't appear to have been worn at all and I just thought it was super-cute. :) I also picked up the little Nintendo backpack; we use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in our home which has a lot of games on it but she still likes to kick it "old skool" and play her Dsi occasionally. :) The little canvas case was only $2.
As ya'll know, Aaminah is CRAZY about cats so when I saw the Cat Encyclopedia I knew she had to have it! One of her fave books ever is a huge animal encyclopedia; I swear it's genetic. I used to read my Mamaw's encyclopedia set when I would go visit her on the weekends. We love knowledge. :) Anyway this book is massive and has 1,000 color photos. She'll be in heaven!
I then kinda splurged and bought a set of Bath & Body Works Winter Wonderland. As you can see there are 3 lotions, a body spray, and some lip balm. Aaminah loves nice smells and this is really light and girlish. It cost $7 but as ya'll probably know, that's a HUGE discount off the new price and everything was full. So all in all I spent $18. I try to be really frugal but come on, a little Westwood never hurt anybody. :)
Their last day is Saturday and it's a 1/2 off day. I might mosey back out there and see if I can pick up some shoes or winter coats on a deep discount for the next couple of years. Yeah, I plan ahead. :) I have a brand-new pair of brown leather boots I got for only $3 three years ago that I've saved. They will fit her this year, iA. :)
Alright, thanks for stopping by, ma salaama!

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