September 19, 2013

We did something this summer!

She did great but I was nervous! :)

*** Second post of the day***

Salaam ya'll! I can't believe I forgot to post about our summer happenings. Oh wait, maybe because I wasn't blogging then, so that totally makes sense. Anyway once it hit me that we actually did do more than sit inside and eat, I just wanted to tell ya'll about it.

I have a sister, see. A really special kind of sister who ADORES my daughter and always, mA, strives to include us in family get-togethers. One thing I am very grateful to Allah for is the fact that my immediate family has always been fairly supportive of my conversion. Now they didn't throw a party per se but they love me and treat me more or less the same. :)

So my sis is always careful about doing things with Aaminah because she knows I am so limited in what I can do. Dragging around with 10% kidney function, in full-blown end stage renal failure, tends to make one a bit slower paced. ;) So imagine our GREAT suprise when she invited Aaminah and I up for her annual "Camp Gigi".

Now, besides being a great aunt she is an AWESOME grandma or Gigi. She holds a week-long camp every summer for her grandson and always has a different theme. Yeah, my big sis sure did make it hard to live up to her! :) This year they decided to stay close to home and went The Wilderness at the Smokies. This place is amazing! It's a HUGE indoor water park; really you have to go to their website just to see how awesome. It's so much fun for kids and adults.

This was the smaller outdoor part. So fun!

I even got in the water a bit, hijab and all! I got in the big wave pool and went around with Aaminah on the floats. Well, I walked around, I get realllly motion sick even in 4 feet of water! lol We stayed over night (my sis and her grandson were there for 5 days!) and Aaminah had a blast! I have a few pics from it I will show you guys.

I'm really glad Aaminah had that opportunity; it ws so safe and kid-friendly even I didn't stress and I keep a VERY close watch on her! There were 2 different outdoor parks and one big indoor one. The drawback, of course, is price. The food there, while huge portions, is pretty expensive and not very inspired. Cheeseburgers, sandwiches, and chicken fingers, oh my! But the rooms have a kitchen in them so you can bring in food.

She, again, did great. mA my little Adventuress!

Anyone who goes I would suggest you bring lots of drinks because that is one of the biggest expenses. :)

To top it off, she took them on a helicopter ride on our way home! It was such a memorable experience for Li'l Miss and I hope one day to take her with Cap'n and H (my stepson). :) Hope ya'll had a great summer and I'll post of a few more of our mini-adventures soon iA. Ma salaama!

Waiting her turn patiently. :)


HijabiMommy said...

Wilderness....isn't it that place with the HUGE water slide out front? I remember seeing it the last time we were in the Smokies.

Your sister sounds amazing. Alhumdulillah for sisters! And looks like you guys had a great time. =)

Umm Aaminah said...

Yep, it's the one on the large highway but not actually IN Pigeon Forge, it's in Sevierville closer to the interstate. It was amazing and Aaminah had a blast!