September 23, 2013

Transportation woes...

Here is actually a pic of Aaminah helping put the daily water in Old G. :) Cutest little mechanic ever!

Salaam ya'll! I don't think I've introduced ya'll to Old G. That's what Aaminah named our car. The old is apt (it's a '98 model lol) but the G... well I am not sure where that came from, I guess she saw a G in the "Grand" part but anyway, it's super-cute and it's stuck. :)

I have a love/hate relationship with Old G. I love that I have a car. I hate that it doesn't run well. ;) The engine generally speaking does fine, no loud noises, just a slow oil leak, no exhaust issues. However, it chronically over-heats and has since I bought it almost 2 years ago. I put water in it, and it needs more the next day. Twice I've had her repaired; once a hose was replaced ($100) and it seemed to help.

Then it started overheating horribly and I had it fixed again this past March. They said an "elbow joint" was cracked and needed replaced. $200. OK so now, it's good right? Of course, I also have to do the normal maintenance any car requires: oil changes, brakes, etc. At one point a year ago my brother replaced the super-charger for me. See, Old G is a FAST car. I didn't want or need a fast car but I did want and need a cheap car and she filled the bill. (Yes filled not fit lol). Anyway the super charger has to work or the whole car stop so that was about $300. I also had to get a blower ($50). Wow, it adds up. Fast.

So we get what we can afford and alhamdulillah she is paid for but not without her issues. The over-heating is the main one and then of course there is no AC. That is a big deal here in the south where it's really hot but alhamdulillah we manage. The door panel threatened to fall off the other day but, clever me, I taped it back on. Yes, taped. Not even duct tape. Package tape. Whatever, it works. lol

Today, I take Aaminah to school and she starts overheating. Now I had added the requisite water before starting out so I was suprised. I got Aaminah to school then only made it about 5 minutes down the road before I had to call my best friend and her husband (who happens to be Cap'n's best friend if you recall). They come and follow me to the shop and bring me home.

So now just sitting here waiting for the damage and I am already preparing to say "Ouch!" really loud. iA it won't be too bad as Cap'n's friend said for a radiator repair they do not have to go into the engine proper so I'm hoping and praying to Allah that it's not too horrible.

Alhamdulillah I was able to babysit during Ramadhan and I saved my money for a "rainy day" or perhaps even just a day when Old G decides to break down and I have to fix her. Siiiiigh. Just say a brief prayer for us that we can get the old girl running again and she can happily take us to and from our important errands of school, doctor, masjid and grocery, with the occasional jaunt to a nearby park thrown in for good measure! ;)

Ma salaama all...

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