September 25, 2013

Some general updates

Salaam ya'll! Well, a lot has happened in our little life since we last spoke. Old G needs major repairs, to the tune of $1000. :( I found another place with offered to repair it for $500 and I need to get it there.

Problem is I've been sick all day today and now Lil Miss is sick. She was complaining of general malaise adn body aches but I thought it was just a ploy to get out of school (hey don't judge me!). All kids do it some time or another and I figured she just wanted a day off. Unfortunately she started running a fever this evening and is now cozily ensconced on BOBB (our Big Ole Bean Bag) with a few covers and a fluffy pillow. :)

If you could see her face you'd feel sorry for her little heart too!
I've been trying to babysit a little here and there and a friend needed me to watch her little boy today but unfortunately I was too ill this morning. Now I'm feeling better but Aaminah is sick. Subanallah.

So please make dua for her that she gets better quickly; I hate seeing her feeling bad, her usual spark somewhat dimmed. One a positive note, though, I made the BEST pallets when anyone is sick. As my boys, they will tell you, mom rocks! ;)

Alright this was just a quick update, gonna get back to being Mama Nurse. :) Ma salaama ya'll!


HijabiMommy said...

Aww, hope you both feel better soon, In shaa Allah. And I'm sorry about your car troubles, hope that gets sorted out fast, too. xoxo

Umm Aaminah said...

JAK sis! iA she will get well soon and the car will work out. Of course, I was very stressed the first day then I did what I normally do: will I care in 5 years? Even 1 year? Nope. Crisis solved. lol