March 2, 2010

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Wow it's been a month! I am sooo busy and really feel guilty for sitting here right now to update because I have many tasks to accomplish and only 24 hours in a day! ;-)

I have signed up with FlyLady to help me get organized again. I had everything pretty under control when I lived alone with just Aaminah but now with so many people in the home and consolidating two households (personalities, food tastes, and THINGS!) I need to get a new handle on my home. :-) I like flylady because they send daily email reminders about things to do in your home so you dn't forget them. Insha'Allah I'll report back as to whether I have kept up with her regimen or (more likely) taken what I like of it and then made it my own.

Make du'a for me and my family that we contingue to grow together in love for Allah and I ask that Allah fills my heart with mercy and understanding so I might be more patient, loving, and accepting. Amin! :-)

Ma salaama...

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Love of Islam said...

I did too, and I still have the papers for it! lol