March 25, 2010

I'v e lost my mo-jo!!!!!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. The most heinous thing has happened... no I didn't lose my copy of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". ;-) I've lost my COOKING mo-jo!!! Yes I know, this is a distressing turn of events indeed. I really pride myself on a being a good cook. Not a chef, definitely not a preparer of haute cuisine, but a good, basic, feed-my-family-nourishing-meals kinda cook. A little inventive and alotta good eating. Masha'Allah. :-)

However the past 3 dishes didn't go over so great or at least portions of them. To start with, I made a roast. I took a lovely red and white marbled 3lb piece of halal zabiha beef and cooked it with the standard accompaniment of root vegetables. It was ok but not noteworthy.

Then I made spaghetti. Foolproof right? Guess not. The sauce (I used bottled.. all you food purists out there can kiss my behind; I'm not peeling tomatoes!) was a bit sweet. It was a tomato & basil sauce and like most commercially prepared sauces, had a little sweet taste. I enjoyed it but my husband wasn't a fan.

Last night was broiled salmon with a typical North African spice mixture pressed into the top and yellow rice with salad. The rice was... unfortunate. I tried to add a couple of Maggi chicken cubes to the water and it was salty. Waaaay too salty. :-( The salmon was ok and the salad.. well it's just salad isn't it.

OK so in retrospect maybe I haven't really lost my cooking mojo but I felt my meals this past week were uninspired to say the least. Plus my husband prefers more fish and chicken as opposed to red meat. I grew up on hamburger meat in various forms; I think chicken was just more expensive so we didn't have it as often.

I have rarely encountered this lack of culinary excitement and inspiration. Part of the problem is A was sick with pnuemonia the past week so wasn't hungry for alot of things anyway. Then coupled with his personal and cultural foods preferences, it can become a challenge.

I must say that my husband never complains about the food if he doesn't like it. He follows the example of our Prophet saws and simply doesn't eat it if he doesn't like the taste. Of course it makes me feel bad, hence this post.

So if any of ya'll have some healthy ideas (we've both gained about 7 lbs since we married subhanallah!) for quick, delicious meals especially seafood please share. My country-style cooking doesn't really sit well with A's palate or stomach. :-)

Ma salaama...

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