March 3, 2010

Oh I was sick again

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Just realized in my non-posting month I didn't keep everyone updated on my health issues. :-)

I was hospitalized here in Massachussets for the SAME stinking kidney infection. I have a super-resistant strain of e. coli running amok in my urinary tract. If you remember, I was hospitalized 4 times for a total of 12 days from Oct. to Dec. last year.

After I officially moved here to Mass in the beginning of Feb. BOOM! it hit again. Subhanallah. Same bacteria, same location... which is my transplanted kidney. I was kept for four days and finally allowed to come home. You know here isn't the same as back home. I don't have all my close sisters in Islam to care for Aaminah or my family.

Alhamdulillah my husband was awesome!!!! He kept Aaminah for those 4 days, fed, bathed, loved, and cherished her. He came by with the kids each day for at least 2 hours and brought me decent food. A huge alhamdulillah! ;-) Really couldn't stomach their food at UMass Memorial Hospital in nearby Worcester. Anyway I digress...

So I was sent home with a midline which is a more permanent IV that goes into a deeper vein in your arm. I was on self-administered i.v. antibiotics for 3 weeks. Just got off them last week and had the tube removed. Yay! Now I am on TWO MONTHS of a prophylactic antibiotic.

Please make du'a that I kick this bug one and for all. It can be dangerous especially to my transplanted kidney and I don't want anymore hospital time for a looong time. I am not so naieve as to say "never" just beseeching Allah for a little breather. :-)

Alright guess I'll go now. It's 10:36 pm and I am up late! I used to be such a night owl but our schedule here is different and I am usually in bed by 9:00 pm. Yeah really. :-)

Insha'allah this finds everyone in the best of health and iman and thanks for reading!

Ma salaama...

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