July 16, 2010

My miti Rani or sweet princess!

*Aaminah in her Indian finery masha'allah!*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! All of you with girls know how they love shiny sparkly happy things. :-) I think it's just a part of them. So Aaminah is no exception and she loves the pretty, the glittery. She has a few absolutely STUNNING lengtha choli outfits another sister gave her before she was born. They are so beautiful.

She wanted to put on something for dress up and I got this out. She said, "Ohh it's coot (cute)!". Masha'Allah she is sweet. She loved it and was a pretty good sport about it til the end of my photo shoot. Insha'Allah I'll dress her up soon and take her outside to get beautiful pics; these were just in front of a bedroom door. :-)

Just a quick post and please remember to say, "Masha'allah"!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

MAsahAllah Tabarakallah awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet:D

Stephanie said...

Mashallah...and yes I've got a couple lil divas myself. In fact, when my oldest dd saw this pic as i was browsing your blog she perked right up and said "is that me?" Hee hee...yeah that outfit would be right up her alley.

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah she looks adorable. I especially like the last one...looks all serious and focused lol. Cute!

Mona Z said...

MashaAllah it's beautiful and so is she.

jana z. said...

a resounding MASHALLAH!! such beautiful pictures. she is indeed a princess.

Angelle said...

Gorgeous. Love the crocs peeking out from underneath.