July 18, 2010

Just say "alhamdulillah" and go on!

*Just for laughs. LOLOLOLOLOLOL*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. One guess where I am? Yep hospital time again. Same ole same ole, e. coli infection back, isn't it great to be me? Alhamduillah, alhamdulillah, AND alhamdulillah.

OK I think I had a great idea for a really moving post but it just left my mind. Like that. Started getting texts from family on FB and talking to my sister and away it went. So consider yourselves updated and make du'a for me please.

Here is a little funny story: during my TWENTY FOUR hour stay in the ER (most of it spent on a stretcher!!!) I got a little hungry and tired of being overlooked. :-) So after having not been given breakfast I decide to ask for some lunch around 11 am. By 1 pm I ask again and they say, Oh sorry all the trays have beef. OK fair enough, get me some chicken, I'll wait.

Then a really sweet little grandma looking assistant comes with a tray. It has a little dish of hummus, a dish of tabbouleh, and some triangles of pita. She says, with the best of intentions, "Isn't this what you people eat?" LOL I said, "Yes ma'am and thank you." Sooo funny. And nice that they have different cultural selections on the menu.

She was really pleased with herself that she had gotten me a good tray masha'Allah. I, in the meantime, felt like Ramadan at the masjid after all the chicken has been eaten and you are left with side dishes. :-)

OH I would encourage you all to check out the blogs I follow. Many of the sisters there are uplifting and really just interesting reads. A couple of non-Muslim blogs for crafts and family fun. Anyway if ya'll get some time, check them out and enjoy!

Ma salaama and keep me in your prayers insha'Allah.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

get well sonn sis inshaAllah! I will keep you in my duas.

Anonymous said...

Asalamu A'laikum Sis, May Allah purify you through this trial. That old lady sounds sweet. Bless. Get well soon sweetheart. X

Angelle said...

Prayers for your health and your family's. Is it that once you get an e.coli infection it periodically reasserts itself like malaria? (Sorry for my ignorance.)

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam ya'll and thanks for the comments. Well the e coli I have is hard to get rid of, plus I am immunosuppressed so there is a chance it's still hiding out in my body somewhere. I am having this weird nuclear scan tomorrow. They took out 55cc of blood, will spin the white blood cells out, tag them with radioactive isotropes, then give them back to me.

By tomorrow they can do a nuclear scan and see where the little buggers are hiding. Then we'll know if I have some deep rooted infection or at least be a little closer to understanding why I keep getting reinfected.

So no it's not normal, it's just my life! :-) said...

Dear sister,

I felt sorry to know about your problems. I came across your beautiful site, when I google to know who are all recently took shahadah in the world, then came to your site which is listed. MashaAllah , almighty has given me a chance to visit the site of my new muslima sister and to give this comments. Do not worry sister, We all will make dua for your good health back.Right now this moment, I will make dua for you. To my sister a small piece of message: You are like a new born 4 year baby, because, Allah said, he will forgive all the previous sin if anyone become muslim. So, you are really lucky among others, even than me. I am 37 years old Indian, working in U.A.E. my website is it is free website. please visit if time permits. but it is in Tamil, my mother tongue, sorry for that.

Please keep your trust 100% in Allah. He will give you cure. Really he is the one who grand anything to mankind and whatever living between sky and earth. I will pray for you.My Salam to your family.
InshaAllah your life will be happier.

Thanks for your time.

P.M.Noor Mohideena