July 29, 2010

2nd post of the day: I is a college student agin

*View of campus where I'll be attending some classes*

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Please note the grammatical error in my title as well as the obvious "suthern" accent. Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait.

OK so I registered for my classes alhamdulillah. I was THRILLED I didn't have to take my Anatomy and Physiology I and II over again. Yippee! I was also happy because of my steller grades in said subjects I was exempted from taking General Bio. Yippee again! THEN I was able to move out of one math class and just put into the college algebra. Hmmm just gets better huh?

However I do need to take some lower level courses I somehow managed to ignore first time 'round. I am doing Sociology 101 and Psychology 101. I wanted to take more interesting classes but these are required so alhamdulillah at least those are 2 easy peasy A's insha'Allah.

That leaves my history elective. They don't have really interesting classes here unfortunately (its a smallish community college) so I'll be doing US history from inception to 1855 or so. I know much more about World History than US so I thought I should remedy that.

Now the math and sociology are both online courses. Yes! The psych and history are on campus but I elected to take night classes (pending A's complete approval) so I'll be out on Mondays and Thursdays pretty late. I'll be double checking with him but I think its best with 4 kids and 2 adults who have various appointments and errands which can only be accomplished in daytime hours.

Sisters, make dua for me please. Not for the school work portion; I love to learn and study and I am a good student masha'Allah. Just pray that I can keep up with school and house work and children and husband and keep my deen first and foremost. I wish I could study Islam instead but my situation dictates something different right now.

If A and I go overseas at any point I want a career where my US passport and degree will ensure a western salary and I can also do more formal study there in Qur'anic Arabic and fiqh classes. Insha'Allah.

Alrighty that's that and I am excited and looking forward to being BUSY! Ma salaama

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