July 26, 2010

salam! I am zainab! love you! I am 10!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. That was a guest-post by my stepdaughter, Zainab. :-) She was "guarding" the laptop for me while I put Aaminah to bed.

And that brings me to the body of this quickie post. I was on my way home today from an appointment and A called. He wanted me to pick something up for him at the store and ask when I would be home. He then said, "Habiba, I got you a surprise". Hmmm. I was just about to stop and grab a quick something before heading home so I ask, envisioning chocolate doughnuts or the like, "Is it food?" lol

"Nope," he said. I told him I'd be home in a bit insha'Allah. I figured maybe he had gotten me some flowers or some other little thing. I was really pleased; I like the effort not the end result so just knowing he had done something specifically for me made me one happy girl.

When I get home, he says, "Oh it's in the bedroom". OK! Sign me up! Although this is a little too metrosexual for my husband. LOL I walk in to find not a trail of rosepetals, but a brand new laptop, still in the box. Woot woot! Better than a seduction scene and far longer lasting than flowers!

How sweet is that? My laptop, which I love, has not been been dealt kindly with by his kids. Tripping over the power cord, knocking it off the table, etc. etc. 3 headsets broken... I'll stop there. :-) Wasn't this just a nice surprise? Masha'Allah, I have a thoughtful husband.

Ma salaama...


Mona Z said...

Wow! My laptop was dying on me, shutting down, over heating and just slow. My husband was getting a new one so I was glad to get his old one, it was a definite upgrade for me. Instead he surprised me and gave ME the new one!! I am so happy and it's so much better! SubhanAllah, we both had the same sweet husband surprise!

Umm Aaminah said...

Mona, masha'Allah! Oh and mabrook on your unexpected windfall. Aren't thoughtful husbands THE best? It kinda makes up for all the clothes we pick up off the bathroom floor. ;-)

Mona Z said...

...and the bedroom floor, and ....jk ;)

Duchess said...

aww that's so sweet tabarakallah. My hubby goes on about how he had his laptop for x amount of years and ever since we got married, his b and n (that's five and six by the way :D) don't work and the button after the f12 has popped off and the arrow pointing to the left also popped off so he calls me iron fingers and I'm like WHAT?! and he is like "nothing habibti, i said lady fingers *nervous laugh*" don't you just love husbands tabarakallah :D xxxx