August 3, 2010

The sweetest thing EVER

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Aaminah is getting to that age where she just says such cute things. Here is a conversation from the other day (for those who facebook me, it's de ja vu).

Me: Do you want to live in Tennessee?
Aami: No!

Me: Do you want to live in Massachusetts?
Aami: No!

Me: Where do you want to live?
Aami: I live with mama.

Masha'Allah!!!! She melts my heart wallah.

OK some more funny things:

Conversation with Hafsa (my oldest stepdaughter)

Hafsa: Is it haram to do that clicking things with glasses? (She motions with her hands like touching two drinking glass rims.)
Me: Oh you mean making a toast?

Hafsa: Yeah you know, when you say, "To Harry".
Me: What? To Harry? You mean, "to us"?

Hafsa: Yeah, to us.
Me: Where did Harry come from??? LOL

Another conversation with Hafsa, this one is unbelievable!

Hafsa: What was happening in America when the Prophet Muhammad (saws) was alive?
Me: (Thinking, oooh teachable moment initiated by kid!) Well Hafsa, what year would that have been?

Hafsa: Um...about 1920?
Me: ( Unable to speak for a moment.) Hafsa, Rasoolallah lived over 1400 years ago. That would be around 600 A.D.

Hafsa: Oh. (Silent for a minute.) So this was when the gladiators were fighting here?
Me: Hafsa, there were no gladiators here. That was in Rome.

Hafsa: But Rome is in America.
Me: No Rome isn't in America. Where is it?

Hafsa: Oh it's in Asia!

At this point I just kinda gave up. lol There was really no where for me to go with that one!

Okey dokey just a little light-hearted humor for ya'll!


Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah on little Aami! Kids that age really are just the sweetest things.

And perhaps a geography/history lesson is in order for Hafsa? :) Has she learned about American Indians and/or ancient Rome yet in school?

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam Anne! I know she has learned about some of these things but really I just thought it was common knowledge. I read sooo much as a kid (still do) that I assume all children have a set knowledge base. Alhamdulillah my sons are the same, really well-read and just overall aware of the world around them, and I think all children are like them!

I have instituted a read and learn time this summer. I bought some interesting books on geography, earth sciences, and history. They read at least two pages and then write a page to show me what they understood. Insha'Allah we are making progress. :-)

Ma salaama!